Xamarin Android Tutorial – Slot Machine Game

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In this tutorial i will show you how to make Slot Machine Game in Android with Xamarin Android

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Nguồn: https://millionwordsite.com/

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  1. Pablo Insaurralde 4 weeks ago

    nice one! very helpful! thanks for share!

  2. Aus DotA 4 weeks ago

    How do I make 3×5 slot machine with bets and balance version ?

  3. Queen 4 weeks ago

    Where can i get demo image 0:36 ?

  4. Joseph Christopher Cadag 4 weeks ago

    some clarification, what happen to 8:12 – 8:17 of the video? how did the error to be fix? currentImage and nextImage. Thanks

  5. Abd Alkarim Albeik 4 weeks ago

    Thanks !!!

  6. Caesario Satriatama 4 weeks ago

    my project always show erorr after rebuild to show image

  7. Omer Messer 4 weeks ago

    Can you make a tutorial on AnimationDrawable on xamarin android(the class that lets you make frame by frame animations)? Because I can't figure out how to wait for the animation to finish before continuing the program. It doesn't stop so it keeps messing up the order of the animations that should accure afterwards.
    Btw nice tutorial!

  8. Coders Integrity 4 weeks ago

    ThankYou Master Loved it…

  9. Rony Z 4 weeks ago

    Where r u from

  10. Rid Wan 4 weeks ago

    Hello.. Can you show me how to make a simple browser but the browser using proxy….


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