Where are the Avatar: The Last Airbender board games?!

The fact that the Avatar: Last Airbender animated series hasn’t been better adapted to the board game world is a crime against imagination and the potential of this intellectual property! This IP is begging to make the leap from television to other mediums.

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25 thoughts on “Where are the Avatar: The Last Airbender board games?!

  1. I just started watching this show and the first thing I thought to myself was “Forget Warhammer 40k… I want an Avatar: TLAB miniatures game!!!”

  2. I am glade to report that I received my Legend of Korra pro bending arena and what a fun game it is. I recommend it! Looking forward to getting the expansion with amon and the equalists!

  3. This is available on Kickstarter starting from tomorrow! https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/230050/legend-korra-pro-bending-arena

  4. i really want someone to make pachio like in the last airbender it seems so complicated like chess but very tactical

  5. So know imagination is when you use a known IP and use it for another platform? Shouldn't imagination be when you create new IPs?

  6. It's so ironic I found this video. I was literally thinking this just last week. My son is really into legend of Korra and I was pondering this while we watched it.

  7. We got hoest for card games, we got somewhat hosed for video games (Really!?) yep. and…. we are still getting hosed..
    sigh. also toys we got screwed on the toys too.

  8. I just want to mention that this: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/686114674/legend-of-the-elements
    is an RPG that is basically avatar. It's similar but distinctly different to avoid IP battles, but still, It's just avatar as a good RPG using the Apocalypse Engine. I would give it a look, Chazzie

  9. Chaz, Mr. Shyamalan can say whatever he wants about there being a second movie, but until it is announced by the people at Paramount it does not exist. Just like the first one, I agree that it too does not exist.

  10. I have the complete TCG Quickstrike set. I still enjoy it 🙂 The way it plays could easily be remade or rebranded as Pro Bending from the Korra Series. As for board games we could def use one.

  11. I totally agree with you. LOVED the TV show!!! and "this is why we can't have nice things" priceless hehe

  12. I couldn't agree more, apart from a couple of RPG's this IP does not get enough love. My brothers are yet to get rid of their TCG starter set despite never touching it for…10 years?! Oh dear. The fact that there is an entire follow-up series with nothing attached to it. Due to the strong roots in martial arts for the different kinds of bending, a fighting game would also make sense- something in the style of Devastation of Indines. A co-operative game where you have to work together to try and bring peace to the world and maintain inner peace, where you can use the Avatar state- but if you aren't ready then you risk losing control. There's so much to do with the rich lore and the universe that had been built up. It could even be a legacy-style game where you play through the 3 books, depending on your mastery of the elements and your allies you can advance in certain ways. I do hope a good game of this comes out in the near future, since no further material after the 3 comics (and 1 M. Night Shamalyan catastrophe) seem to have been released.

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