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The framerate is really inconsistent during the cutscenes and I don’t know why. Just like with my Crimson Skies playthrough, my capture device seems to have slightly cut off the bottom and right side of the recording.

I did edit together a video with all of the cutscenes, which you can find here:
Just keep in mind that they are as screwed as they are in this recording.
If you want to see the commercials:

Developed by Presto Studios and published by Microsoft in 2002, Whacked! is a party game only released on the Xbox. This is a complete playthrough of the Gameshow mode as Lucy.

This game is running on an original xbox. I am using a scalar converter to stretch the video to 1920×1080.

05:45 – Stage 1-1
09:36 – Stage 1-2
15:34 – Stage 1-3
18:43 – Stage 1-4
21:45 – Stage 1-5
28:00 – Stage 1-6
31:53 – Stage 1-7
34:40 – Stage 1-8
39:22 – Stage 1-9
43:58 – Stage 2-1
53:40 – Stage 2-3
1:00:17 – Stage 2-4
1:04:32 – Stage 2-5
1:10:26 – Stage 2-6
1:16:40 – Stage 2-7
1:22:40 – Stage 2-8
1:29:43 – Stage 2-9
1:33:36 – Stage 3-1
1:37:40 – Stage 3-2
1:43:35 – Stage 3-3
1:50:33 – Stage 3-4
1:57:00 – Stage 3-5
2:00:34 – Stage 3-6 (THIS IS YOUR LAST WARNING)
2:06:04 – Stage 3-7
2:11:54 – Stage 3-8
2:14:30 – Stage 3-9
2:21:28 – Stage 4-1
2:27:14 – Stage 4-2
2:33:07 – Stage 4-3
2:40:13 – Stage 4-4
2:46:40 – Stage 4-5
2:49:42 – Stage 4-6
2:55:22 – Stage 4-7
3:01:03 – Stage 4-8 (ONCE MORE FOR GOOD MEASURE)
3:08:15 – Stage 4-9
3:19:45 – Stage 5
3:23:10 – Ending Cutscenes
3:24:09 – Credits
3:26:12 – Concept Art Slideshow

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40 thoughts on “Whacked! Playthrough

  1. Yo jugaba esto con mi hermano, lo disfrutábamos mucho ahora lo extraño ya que él se fue lejos hace un año 😔

  2. Wow! This game… is doesn't seem to be sold anywhere anymore though, maybe hard to find. Also, the Fusion Frenzy game is still available to buy on the Xbox 360.

  3. Played this on my cousins’ xbox when I was little and forgot what it was called, been searching for it forever.

  4. You know I imagine a remake of this game for the Xbox ONE (or maybe also for other consoles), where there's more levels and all seven of the contestants are available to play from the start (cause I think that's fair) and it's newest mode to further emulate the game show ecstatic, the party mode, the party mode have 5 different games that each involve playing regular matches with sound clips and animations from the contestants made for it too, these games can also be played ONLINE and in the Campaign mode these games are also the last thing you have to do after each stage (with Van telling you to test the matches backstage before actually playing the game as Van does a backstage social media video before the show and the character select for the Story Mode is all the contestants waiting and hanging out in the green room) here are the five games to be played:

    -Getting Trivial: where the contestants do a set-amount of rounds of 5 to 7 trivia questions each in-between rounds of regular matches, you get points for answering questions correctly and fastest & get points from winning matches, whoever has the most points after select amount of rounds wins
    -Stamp On: each player gets a blank sheet of stamps, that has 16 blank spaces on them, some with question marks on it, and after each match depending on how you did you get 3, 2, 1, or 0 stamps, and you can place them wherever you want on your sheet, and you fill up your entire sheet (or select amount of sheets chosen) you win, also the question marks are when you place a stamp on it, it not just effect your sheet but it can also effect someone else's sheet as well
    -Whacked the Board Game: basic board game, with randomly set spaces that each have different effects each time you play, after each round, you get another dice to go with your other dice for that turn (1st gets another dice with 1-6, 2nd gets a die with two 1s, two 2s, and two 3s on it, 3rd gets a die with three 1s and three 2s, and 4th doesn't get an extra die), and all players move at the same time, first one to get to do a set-amount of laps around the board wins
    '-Wheel of Gain: each contestant has to gain up to a set-amount of coins by winning matches, and the amount of coins that are being played for are determined by one random player spinning a wheel, the wheel can have you automatically gain or lose coins, have the winner of a match gain coins or steal coins from another player, or have the player don't participate in the next match at all it all determined by the wheel
    -Tile & Error: there's a big Title platform with 25 squares facing down [with 5 each have the contestants' faces on it and the rest being special ones (one where it reshuffles the board, two that gives you an extra tile to unfold, and two that automatically moves your turn to the next player)] after each match depending on how you ranked you get a certain amount of spaces you can uncover for that round (4 for 1st, 3 for 2nd, 2 for 3rd, & 1 for 4th) and if you uncover a space with your face on it you get a point and it stays uncovered until someone uncovers a reshuffle square ,if it isn't your face it turned back over for the next player, whoever has the most points after a set-amount of rounds wins

    also you can win accessories and costumes for your character in Online matches to customize the look of your character in Online Play

    and I call it "Whacked Party Edition"

    do you think that would be a good idea?

  5. I remember this game I freaking loved it! My mom bought it for me as a birthday present when I was like 5 or 6 for my old Xbox. I still have the game surprisingly but no Xbox 😭

  6. Can someone please explain how this game did not go to M rating when you have Lucy naked through most of the game?

  7. Wow…..this game is extremely underrated with all its ultra violence and faul language, especially that nudity lady

  8. I want to hear Pan Pizza and Zone-Tan voice over the characters, with Pan voicing over everyone except Lucy, who Zone-Tan voices over

  9. I remember my dad's ex bought this for me when I was like 7 or 8 I think.
    I started playing it and it seemed fine at first and then lucy loses her clothes
    So my dad looks at her and she says "the guy said it was child friendly"
    This was one of the greatest games of my childhood

  10. “Lucy is busting loose”
    “Lucy is still on top”
    “Lucy is almost*there* ”
    My responses:
    I busted a nut to her
    She can get on top this dick
    I am too.

  11. I still have my old xbox and games. Every now and then I pull it out and connect it just to play whacked. Its been so long and no other game can live up to whacked 🤷🏻‍♀️

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