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Today we play Town Of Salem

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38 Replies to “We Had 5 Guardian Angels In ONE Match! – Town Of Salem | JeromeACE”

  1. I wonder if any of these retards watch the videos and reflect. They probably don't because they're idiots.

  2. Jerome, if the youngest vampire dies the day before a bite, the next last bitten vampire will become the youngest and bite that night.

  3. i also like how that mayor was like HAHA you lose cus you cant bite now but he didnt know what the bite cycle was

  4. how revealed mayor and vamps work is if the mayor gets bitten it still will say mayor how ever he will play as a normal townie. as in he will only have 1 vote, the doctor can heal him, and most importantly he can whisper and be whispered to. so every day theres a revealed mayor you should attempt to whisper him if you can then you know hes a vampire.

  5. I thought vale was ga for a min because when you said that everyone thought he was protected by ga and vale was the dead person listening

  6. There were only 4 ga's, jerome was one and 3 ga's died but Wut protected the other guy "forgot his name" beyond his death.

  7. 17:00 Jerome can you explain me this situation? Fred vote Guilty when he was Vampire and Mayord didn't vote, this situation could 2 vamps win so why he vote Guilty for his brother?

  8. This really hurts me because my name is Kane (not the one from the video) and I barely ever seen people use my spelling of Kane (go to are Cain, Kain, and Cane) but seeing my name and Jerome saying "Kane is bad." hurts though at least this Kane (me not that one) isn't that bad at this game

  9. There were 4 guardian angels vale got protected by his dead guardian angel. Guardian angel can use their ability when they are alive or dead

  10. Theoretically, having only one scroll equipped would raise the chances. Raising the chance of one role vs. raising the chance of 3 theoretically makes it more likely to get the 1 as it's less likely to get the other 2.
    It doesn't mean it works like that necessarily, but in theory yes.

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