Unboxing $30 FAKE But Better Gameboy Advance SP

We found a $30 fake Gameboy Advance SP that can play a bunch of your old school retro games, even up to Playstation 1.

Our full review:

0:00 Introduction
00:49 Unboxing
01:24 First Impressions
01:43 Build Quality
02:40 Powering On
03:00 What Can It Play?
05:14 How It Feels?
05:58 Gameboy Advance Gameplay
07:43 Sega Mega Drive Gameplay
08:37 PS1 Emulation
09:34 Overall Opinion

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26 thoughts on “Unboxing $30 FAKE But Better Gameboy Advance SP

  1. It looks as if Powkiddy has increased the price to $40 since this upload. Perhaps thats due to the increase in traffic, or they priced it wrong previously. $30 was the perfect price, but $40 pushes us to the edge in terms of what it's actually worth. It's your call, the preloaded SD card helps! Thanks for watching everyone. ❤️

  2. Oh wow… Mine just arrived!!! It's worth every dollar! Really love it to pieces! It uses a nokia BL-5C removable battery, so I got a few more so can game on the go for hours!!!! Build quality is there, just one gripe is the screen has a lot of micro scratches on it, only visible at certain angles. Satisfying click when the lid opens.

    Games really well….and ALOT and I mean ALOT nearly all the old games I used to physically own! Can change the volume physically or their select A or B combination. Also the screen brightness with the select plus L or R.

    Overall my new daily driver! Only one gripe is that the system as with alot of consoles is only on the TF card, basically the hard drive….. So back up the TF card before u mess with it

  3. "fake" though? It has enough physical differences to make it entirely distinguishable from Nintendo's GBA SP. Its imitated the form factor, but the fact that you know the name and model of it means its not trying to fool anyone into thinking its a GBA SP from Nintendo. but to call it fake would be like saying the Watara Supervision was a fake GameBoy.

  4. I wonder if this can be modded into a regular GBA SP case? Functionality-wise, I love it… but I kinda hate how it looks like a fake GBA.

  5. that would be perfect if there were an android and 2 analog sticks from PSPGO. Android has a Java game emulator and Epsxe

  6. The link shows the price is $40, not $30. While I like the SP design over this clone design, I just started using an SP, and it's not a good device to hold in your hands for long periods as it's uncomfortable the way you have to angle and scrunch up your hands just to hold it. I prefer the original GBA design as it's easier to grip and use.
    Still, a better deal than buying a used GBA SP and individual games, though I prefer to have the actual game.

  7. Hi Bro, I'm 1 of your fans. Can I have that fake gb sp? Plsss? 🙁 I want to give it to my son, I dont have work now because of the pandemic. Plssss 🙁 hope u read this bro

  8. I just got this unit today, after turning it on the first minute the speaker volume was fine, then it became very very quiet even at max volume. Not sure what is wrong. Can somebody please help

  9. I actually like powkiddys designs I just wish they would just join the mod community and make some mods designs for enthusiats. Like why hasn't anyone done the stereo speakers as a mod kit yet.

  10. Are the roms on a SD-Card or build in the Console?
    Can you coppy the roms on a USB-Stick or SD-Card?

  11. Can you comment on the measurements compared to the gba sp? I am getting a grip for the device but wanted to see if I could use ones designed for the gba sp

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