Top Ten Sumo Wrestlers in Fighting Games

Sumo Wrestling is a well-known fighting style, not only in Japan, but all over the world…but how about in the world of fighting games? Sumo wrestling is more meant for close quarters combat and is focused on ringing out the opponent rather than knocking them out, so the traditional fighting game setting may not be best setting for them. However, the greatest [fictional] fighters can hold their own in any arena, so let’s find out which sumo wrestlers show the greatest skill and flair on the fighting game stage.

Most footage provided by A.T. and Sam from Software Agents TV. MKX footage provided by NegetiveX. Video edited by MrTopTenList with additional footage editing by A.T. Gonzalez and R. Michelle Marcel.

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25 thoughts on “Top Ten Sumo Wrestlers in Fighting Games

  1. E honda did get some development outside of sumo in SFV. He is now also the owner of a Japanese Sento bathhouse.

  2. Hello Everyone I'm Prime Zero L from looking at this video I would say Sumo Wrestling is one of Japan's and America good one for those who wants to learn it and their are hardly any other characters that knows Sumo Wrestling in some fighting games but I give them points for being the best in their own way and give points on one's in real life for trying and give them only one thumbs up for effort and give them credit for putting up a good fight against other fighters that comes their way and some of you Fans & People would have to at least agree with me on that one.!? ♤♡♧◇

  3. E Honda should have been number one. He did get robbed and I really hate when people just look down on him and immediately say he sucks when he’s actually a pretty good character. Anyways good video tho

  4. Well I thought it was kinda wrong to put E. Honda as number 2 but you gave a good reason for it. Yeah Capcom does shit on him a lot

  5. Tem umas colocações nada v
    E. Honda e primeiro lugar
    E outros videos alguns principais estão lá em baixo

  6. brad will you review Avengers Infiinity War now that theres no more spoilers. I 'd pappreciate a direct response.

  7. Hinako is the best sumo girl. proving that doesnt matter you are a small loli froll a boarding school, you can won a world tournament.

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