Time Stopper : Into Her Dream /Android Gameplay HD

– It’s FREE! And there’s no in-app purchasement!
– Use Time-Stopping Ability! You’ll see another dimension of the world!
– When time stops, You can send back Bullets to enemies!
– Pass through the artistic mazes and conquer puzzles!
– A whole new type of Puzzle Adventure Games!
– And Your brain will get improved!

**Time Stopper**
Every night, Kim dreams about something similar repeatedly. In dream, She is locked in a maze. And she has to escape it.
The only way to solve her problem is to clear all the mazes. Get into her dreams and rescue her spirit!

**Tutorial Stage(YouTube)

Nguồn: https://millionwordsite.com/

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6 thoughts on “Time Stopper : Into Her Dream /Android Gameplay HD

  1. The movements are not as smooth on my phone. Also I am thrown way too far by the air in Frozen in the Air that the bullets are beyond my reach. Otherwise I love the slow motion environment of the game.

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