"The Originals" Matchmaking Game with Danielle Campbell

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Joslyn & Dana sat down with Danielle Campbell from “The Originals” and asked her to come up with her dream romances on the hit TV show.

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46 thoughts on “"The Originals" Matchmaking Game with Danielle Campbell

  1. Damon and elena
    Klause and camile
    Stefan and Caroline
    Devina and kol
    Hayley and Elijah
    Tyler and Olivia
    Rebekah and Matt (I like marcel too Matt just makes her all nice and cute)
    Vincent and ivy
    Alaric and Jenna (love jo too only got one season tho)
    Bonnie and Enzo
    Jeremy and Anna
    Josh and Aiden

  2. klaus & karoline
    hayley & elijah
    marcel & rebekah
    elena & damon
    bonnie & enzo
    kol & davina
    jo & alaric
    freya & keelin
    josh & aiden
    anna & jeremy
    liv & tyler

  3. Hayley and Elijah
    Klaus and Caroline
    Rebekah and Matt
    Davina and Kol
    Damon and Elena
    Stefan and Katherine
    Marcel and Sofiya
    Freya and Keelin
    Vincent and Ivy
    Hope and Clarke

  4. This the right way…

    Damon and Elena

    Klaus and Caroline

    Rebekah and Marcel

    Hayley and Elijah

    Kol and Davina

  5. Damon and Katherine, Stefan and Elena, Marcel and Rebekah, Davina and Kol, Caroline and Klaus, Elijah and Hayley, and Bonnie and Kai 😳

  6. its been 6 years but like i love danielle. also, i feel like danielle and leah shipped klayley at times lol

  7. Stefan and Elena
    Klaus and Hayley-because of Hope
    Rebekah and Matt Donovan-😂
    Marcel and Cami
    Damon and Elijah-😂

    I’ll like 5 years late 😂

  8. Damon and Elena
    Klaus and Caroline
    Elijah and Hayley
    Enzo and Bonnie
    Kol and Davina
    Marcel and Rebekah
    Jeremy and Anna

    Stefan/Matt/Tyler are best shipped with Caroline but the real otp is her with Klaus.

    Katherine don’t need no man, but she has the best chemistry with Elijah.

    I can’t choose if I ship Jenna or Jo more with Alaric.

  9. my picks:
    damon & elena
    katherine & stefan
    elijah & hayley
    marcel & bekah
    klaus & cami
    caroline & idk💀
    kol & davina
    tyler & liv

  10. Stefan and Elena
    Karoline and klaus
    Elijah and hayley
    Damon and katherine for some reason
    My ships^^^^

  11. In my opinion:
    -elijah and hayley
    -kol and davina
    -marcel and rebekah
    -klaus and karoline
    -elena and damon
    -bonnie and enzo

  12. When she said Damon Elena and cami I was like nooooo Damon loves elena toooo much and even if they do break up he would probably like someone that looks like her (first Katherine then elena so it makes sense) even tho in legacies we find out they have a child and in tvd Damon said he would love to be her husband so I think they r solid

  13. caN we talk nabout how she said the love triangle with elena, damon and cami non it is elena and damon all the way

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