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Meeting kind people in scenic locations – Bob Rust finds himself on a quest to find a suitable drawing surface.
Dive tanks are gifted. Small signs are swapped. Bases are repaired for sleeping strangers. And someone interrupts a painting only to become part of it.


Larry Owens – Easy and Cool

Larry Owens – The Joy of Painting


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36 Replies to “The Joy of Painting with Bob Rust (ep. 1 "A Pantless Walk in the Woods")”

  1. Dude as a Bob Ross fan from the time I was a kid and a Rust content creator.. I can appreciate the shit out of the work you put into this video. You earned my sub bro. Part 2?

  2. Bizzle's kindness makes me question my sexuality. It's that fucking laugh. Something about it's softness makes me rock hard.

  3. Sorta skipped this one watched Ep2 first had to come back for this one really great artist bud Do more please keep up the good work!

  4. toxic players like Bizzle are the problem with this game. 0:13 charisma botting loot off those poor kids. 9:31 forming sweaty zerg so he doesn't have to farm for end game loot. 12:36 sign on wall exploit to make raiding impossible. 13:55 brush scripting. 17:18 luring children into his base with for "mushrooms".
    Ugly.. just ugly.

  5. How did you find nice people I rust everytime I'm in rust I get killed usually he. I'm a naked and get called a squeaker and a bunch of messed up stuff

  6. Hello Mr. Bob Rust. I wanted to thank you for inspiring me to start some of my own paintings. I made an art gallery in Rust and it drew in several guests. Although they laughed at my art, killed me, and burnt the gallery down to the ground, I want to thank you.

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