Talented Artist Paints in Rust

Hey guys, KCmo here with RPG. In today’s video the talented Tatten paints us an amazing picture on Rust. Tatten is the artist who designed our banner and logo. If anyone is interested in some artwork for a decent price, make sure you hit him up.

Hit up Tatten for some Artwork – TattenArt@gmail.com

Music used:

The Last of Humanity by Per Kiilstofte

A Himitsu – Where Silence Is Nonexistent

Licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (

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50 thoughts on “Talented Artist Paints in Rust

  1. I do this I just paint stuff and leave it there in the middle of the forest for no one to see because I'm ashamed of myself for being a good drawer.

  2. i can barely see the sign so i couldnt do alll that. i like the one where the signs are imps on the front of a base!

  3. WOW awesome paint work dude, I wish I could do that, but I have other skills instead

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  4. I'm amazed. Both by the final result and the fact that it was made in Rust. Makes me wish I could draw too. 5/7

  5. either i get you as my slave or the sign artist plugin.. the swastika stays, and the penises stay. but well done mate, very nice skillzorsz!

  6. amazing work of art really, also i love rusty pirates you guys made allot of inspiration towards my base designs thanks for what you are doing on this channel and please keep up the good work – a fan

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