Space Rangers HD Review

This review looks at the Russian childhood favorite Space Rangers HD, a remastered version of the classic Space Rangers 2 with its own new additions of content, music, and many, many pirates.
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00:00 – Intro
00:26 – Game Premise
1:52 – Music & Sound Design
3:19 – Visuals
4:05 – Space Gameplay Mechanics
8:02 – Story & Text Adventures
10:23 – Arcade Gameplay
10:48 – RTS Gameplay
12:30 – Conclusions
12:57 – Credits
14:08 – Asteroids


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46 thoughts on “Space Rangers HD Review

  1. THE LIST –
    Space Rangers on GOG –
    I thought this would take hours to process but it took a minute. This gave me similar feelings to playing Aurora 4x sometimes.

  2. Случайно наткнулся на обзор, однако как интересно, что кто-то из западных внезапно заметил игру и напомнил миру о ней)

  3. "Because unlike Pathologic, Space Rangers is a sandbox game for children."

    I see what you did there ; )

  4. 11:57 This is a level of training where the AI does nothing and the management of the planet even tells you that these are just training layouts

  5. How the hell did Russians achieve the simulation capabilities of what Starsector wishes it could be?

  6. Я не понимаю как я сюда попал, но лайк за Рейнджеров однозначно!)

  7. Space Rangers is one of the few games with always on music, and that's a part of what makes it so good. Why is this so rare, more developers need to make their games like this

  8. The robots RTS part is inspired by Nether Earth, an ancient ZX Spectrum game. ZX Spectrum was big in late 80-ies in Russia

  9. I can't remember how many times I've started this game and gave up because the start is so tedious and frustrating. You're stupid little flying golf cart can't to anything, and I hate incremental grinding in general.

  10. Urine therapy was a huge meme back in the day, when we had a popular TV program about "alternative medicine".

  11. Planetary battles are OK. I m totally agree with the point that your robots act like idiots, but you can just build some shooters, add few healers, make firing lines at critical points, supported by turrets, and just capture objectives by yourself. I saw only few maps, where this method doesnt work (and i solved em anyway). And yes, you get huge payments for them, while the mission itself takes only 1 in-game day (because you dont need to fly anywhere).

  12. было бы круто если бы права на эту игру купили зарубежные издатели или инди разрабодцики, кикстартер тоже не плохо было. крута игра(одна музыка чего стоит(я из-за неё музыкальную школу закончил)) жалко что третьей части не будет никогда( . но будем надеется. крутой ролик. спасибо Вам , что продвигаете КС в массы англоговорящие. и если вам понравилось во второй части, то первая зайдёт на ура (там же клисаны!!)

  13. About 16 years ago or so my sister had an exchange student from Ukraine for a week, he showed me this game. No regrets.

  14. This is a good review. I've been playing this game on and off since 2004, I was fortunate to experience all versions/expansion of Space Rangers, both in original Russian language and redesigned/improved HD version of it.

    The genre is unique, it would be unfair to tell you that if you like RTS, RPG or any sort of genre in specific then you'll like this game. It's a very unique type of game, you have to like the game itself. Short term, you won't understand anything, if you "just do a playthrough" then I'd say that you've missed more than half of what the game has to offer. Many games offer you the experience in the first hours of your playthrough. This game offers a lot in the long term. I'd say that it's one of the most enjoyable games to play through there is.

    Considering how long ago Space Rangers 2: Dominators was made, which is fact the best expansion there is and/or will be (Space Rangers HD: A War Apart is the English version of it, it's a good improved version of it), the devs did the best job at it imo. Not sure how it was world-wide, I live in old Soviet Country, so it was one of the best selling games at that time, but I think this game is best in its genre, whatever genre it is.

    Do I recommend it? Well, I can't give you a straight answer. Do me a favor and take your time with everything, play it whenever you have a lot of time, few weeks, if not a month or two, it's a really good game. Don't skip the reading part, you'll miss out on the story. If you don't wanna read then it's not the game for you. I 'hate' reading, but I enjoyed reading in this game, hope that says something. Careful about the music, it's copyrighted in case you wanna do a playthrough. Good music though.

    Even tho I'm an MMO player, this game is still one of my favourites. Play it on the hardest difficulty. You won't die if you make it to late early developing point of the game, once your system gets going, it will be going, but do your best to not lose the systems/planets and to take over as many as you can, pure numbers are better than the quality/equipment/defense/offense in those systems.

    Good luck, hope everyone enjoys this game.

  15. There is some twisted pleasure in figuring out how to play planetary missions. The won't become any less insufferable but the satisfaction of "solving the puzzle" is there – at least for the harder maps.

  16. This game was a major part of my childhood. I'm absolutely shit at it but it's quite fun and i have many good memories of it.

    … and it honestly says something about me that I've been playing it all this time and i'm only now learning it's a Russian game

  17. This has the sprawling ambition of Star Citizen, only they've been able to finish it on much less money.

  18. Про планетарные бои ты зря сказал, это моя любимая часть в игре! Иногда я захожу только в них поиграть. Да есть баги, но их можно терпеть ради такой интересной задумки.

  19. Fun fact that "Vote with your heart" was an actual slogan for elections used by Boris Yeltsin in his 1996 campaign.

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