Skylanders Giants PS3 Version Playthrough Part 1 Time of the Giants (1/2)

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Looking for new Skylanders or want to get the game or the first title Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure then visit – and select your region

Skylanders Giants belongs to Activison and developed by Toys for Bob
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We start the let’s play of Skylanders Giants with a hstory lesson on how Skylands was in 10,000 years with the first Skylanders

Skylanders Used – Tree Rex, Jet-Vac

Collectables found
Winged Sapphire – 1, Treasure Chests – 4, Soul Gem for Shroomboom, Story Scroll, Luck-O-Tron Wheel, Hats – 1

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  1. Adam Jackson 4 weeks ago

    I cannot play this game it asked my plus the use something not sure what it for

  2. Hajtil 4 weeks ago

    brings back nostalgia. love it.

  3. GamerAlfieninja 88 4 weeks ago

    i buy a box of skylander:Giants and skylander:Pyro adventure

  4. DIF REPUBLIC 4 weeks ago

    I have just received ps3 and i want skylanders giants

  5. melissa alban 4 weeks ago

    no me gusta skylanders

  6. dingusdangus 4 weeks ago

    Invader Zim?!

  7. Deathshade2712 4 weeks ago

    Is this game good? Is it worth it? Also, is Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure worth it too?


  8. Jou 4 weeks ago

    why cant kaos be in the 3ds?!?:(

  9. mikey 4 weeks ago

    I might maybe just subscribe

  10. tyson james 4 weeks ago


  11. tyson james 4 weeks ago

    just a few questions for you to help me
    1. how much will skylanders 1 & 2 cost on ps3
    2. how much will each skylander cost including the giants
    3. how much will swarm, bouncer, and pop fizz cost plz help me thanks

  12. NathanJ Rodey 4 weeks ago

    So, you have this pad thing which you put toys on, but what's the difference between doing that and just picking a character on the screen? Is there any bonus or is it just a gimmick?

  13. FeatherWings78 4 weeks ago

    Why didn't you use Swarm? I can understand not using Eye Brawl since he's not out yet.

  14. Baz Clark 4 weeks ago

    where is the legendary treasure aaaaahhhhh!!!!!!


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