Sinclair ZX81 Game: 3D Monster Maze (1981 J. K. Greye Software)

A 1st-Person Adventure game where you are in a maze roam area being chased by Tyrannosaurus Rex. Once you are spotted by T.Rex, you chase run as fast as possible to avoid being eaten.

This is the first ever 3D Game to be released on the home systems and on computers, which pave the way for games like Wolfenstein 3D in the early 1990s

Due to hardware limitations during that time, the game itself has no sound.

Emulator: Eight One emulator at:
Recorder and Editor: Virtual Dub
Encoder: Avisynth+Megui.

Note: Re-uploaded since previous video had bad quality and poor gameplay.


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45 thoughts on “Sinclair ZX81 Game: 3D Monster Maze (1981 J. K. Greye Software)

  1. Everybody else is talking about other horror games like resident evil, but nobody is talking about the thing that was the dad of horror games

  2. This looks quite impressive for a computer horror game at the time, having to avoid a pre-Jurassic Park T.Rex in a maze with no sound. It's actually creepier if it catches you from BEHIND. During this era, I still think Haunted House in the Atari 2600 is scarier. I actually once had a dream similar to this game, but the one who's chasing me is…Cream the Rabbit (she appeared almost the same height as I am [5'7"] in complete detail as her games). Of course, her intention was not to kill, but to HUG, so it was a fun, but unusual dream in reference to this.

  3. Graphics were shit back then but BOY do they scare you regardless, probably better than any horror game made in the past 10 years

  4. This was the first computer I ever owned, back in 1982. I wish I could tell you how mind blowing me and my father found these graphics at the time. We'd never seen anything 3D on a computer. We kept dragging my mother in to watch it (she was totally disinterested lol)

  5. That final portal made me scary at first time I seen, then Rex caught me up few steps before get out of the maze. I was a child but that first "almost did" which would remain for the rest of my life.

  6. Back then they used text to indicate that the monster has been alerted but now they use audio cues as in the monster growling, saying a line or making any type of noise. In certain games they use both of these systems.

  7. Feels like we're getting scared by the scary shadow 😱. Ohh would be amazing and intense if this game had a creepy sound

  8. This game was and still is superb! To think such an effective 3D game was written in 16K – *16K*!!! – is astonishing. I still remember the first time I played this back then.

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