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This is set after Sasuke and Naruto’s final fight, Sasuke is taken in as a prisoner for defecting from Konoha and for various other crimes. Sakura, as a medic nin, is assigned to look after Sasuke to heal his arm.

– Credits to the amazing original artist. I tried SO HARD to look for he/she but to no avail 🙁 If anyone happens to know, please message me ASAP!

– This is a doujinshi I translated and edited (Vellichor14). It does not belong to me.

– Link to the translated doujinshi (both English and Vietnamese):

– Music: Natsu wo Miteita [Anime/Manga: Hotarubi no Morie e] Piano arrangement by FireWhale:

Please read from right to left.
Thank you very much and please enjoy.


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