RX 570 – Which Should You Buy? – 5 Card Comparison

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Note: When this was published, all of these RX 570 cards were sold out almost everywhere due to the cryptocurrency mining demand.

Another option is to buy a pre-built PC with a RX 480 or RX 580 already installed. Here are some choices for that if you’re looking to build and put off by the price of the cards:

— Pre-Built PCs with RX 480/580 GPUs already included —
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Time Stamps
0:00 – Intro
0:30 – Overview of the RX 570 in general
1:09 – What Games? – “AAA” vs eSports
3:03 – Multi-Monitor Support – eSports
3:56 – Looking at Individual Cards – Which to buy?
9:27 – Other brands besides these? What to focus on?
10:35 – What PC to install RX 570 into?
12:04 – Benchmarks – Intro
12:30 – Cryptocurrency Mining – Why so expensive in August 2017?
17:35 – Ghost Recon Benchmark (4 cards)
22:31 – World of Tanks (2 cards)
26:07 – Overwatch (2 cards)
28:41 – Benchmark Charts!
33:08 – Closing – Conclusion


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41 thoughts on “RX 570 – Which Should You Buy? – 5 Card Comparison

  1. UPDATE – This video was recorded in June with a planned publish date of early July. RX 570/580 cards remain out of stock in the middle of August, so this video is getting published anyway.

    NOTE – Some of the information included has already changed, the GTX 1060 options are much better today than they were 4 weeks ago, right now the 3GB GTX 1060 cards are close to normal prices, starting around $219. If you were thinking of a RX 570, just get the 3GB GTX 1060 and be happy with it as the situation with RX cards is unlikely to change soon.

    The GTX 1080 remains an option at $500 for a higher performance card and the 1050 TI cards are around $150, however I'd suggest a 3GB GTX 1060 over a 1050 TI at current prices.

    Links to all of these options and time stamps are in the video description!

  2. what card would you recommend for a non-gamer and a non-miner – but needing 2 DVI ports and doing some medium graphic manipulations with Photoshop?

  3. I've been using my Gigabyte Aorus RX570 for years now, and still can play at a decent framerate most of the games I'm playing, softwares sucks though. If this GPU dies, gonna replace it with MSI 1660 Super. 😀

  4. Just got an msi armor for my pc. Was about to get a 1050ti but saw they were just about the same price. Barely fits my case so I'm worried about its temp(since I still dont have fans installed in the case)

  5. Your processor slowed down rx 580. Try 8th gen i7 or i5. I7 7700k is 23% bottleneck to rx 580. But your cpu is good enough for rx 570. That's why rx 570 and rx 580 in this video almost have same fps.

  6. I actually just picked up a rx 570 about a month ago,i love,fortnite, and other games i have tried to far,on 1080p i can get 120 fps on high settings,not ultra .i also have the "xfx rx 570,2 fans,red fans lol

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  8. here it is June 2020 and I just got one at $200. I don't think the 4GB cards are mining anymore but price still up.

  9. Can I put in a XFX Radeon RX 570 RS XXX Edition into a prebuilt inspiron 3671? I don't thiknk that the Inspiron 3671 has a 6 pin connecter, so I am looking to buy a 6 Pin PCIe to Dual SATA Power Cable.The description of the gpu said that the minimum power supply requirement of 500w, but I don't want to buy a $50-$60 psu. Is it ok to just put it in a lower wattage psu or do I have to buy another one?

  10. You have a very good presentation skill. You talk clearly, with just the right speed, virtually no awkward pause, and you cover the topic in such a clear and meaningful way.

  11. Your title says 5 cards yet you only compaired 4 RX570s. Very irritating when the title is wrong.

  12. I just got the Asrock RX 570 4gb and the performance upgrade from a 750ti has been great even on my old machine
    AMD A10 6800k
    8gb ram

  13. Mate you are f..king insane 😉👍(in the good way of saying..respect man) good explanation for this cards. I'm interested if you have a comparison between the ryzen 5 3400g whit integrated graphics card and rx 560 or 570? Which one is better in 2020? Cheers

  14. I went from an rx570 4 gb to a rx580 8 gb and my battlefield 5 no longer has microstutter lags at random intense battles on ultra settings.. well worth the upgrade if u are have any frame issues with the 570 ..

  15. I recently found a GPU that is called as an XF-RX 570 4 GB DDR5 and it is going for a cheap price of 129€ and I was wondering If I wether should buy it or not. I need answers!

  16. I was dissapointed because i lost the oportunity to buy the 580, but, after this video and the benchmarks + i have a 720p monitor the 570 will fit perfectly, thanks!

  17. basicly running the rx570 on 6pin power it literally may as well be the rx560.. so atleast i have a sleeping upgrade waiting for the psu upgrade down the line,

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