Rust Vehicles: How do they work Ingame? (Indepth look)

This is how the new Rust modular vehicles appear, work and function.

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35 thoughts on “Rust Vehicles: How do they work Ingame? (Indepth look)

  1. Я не зная английский язык, понял больше чем на русскоязычном Ютубе.

  2. How do you strip them from car components when you can't move the car after you remove the engine or cockpit? I really don't get how you're supposed to mod them

  3. I'd get the large frame and put a engine module up front and then the armoured cab, then 2 cargo modules for raiding and my team have the bus

  4. Wait so if you have three armor cabs and you have one person in each driver seat is only one person have to drive it or do all three people have to work together to drive it

  5. You came up on my feed and most of the new channels I see have hundreds of thousands of subs, I feel like I just came across the rust you tube underground. Lol
    It's alive! Sounds like Jorg sprave lol
    New subscriber and looking forward to diving through your content.

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