Rust | Modular Vehicles Update, Heli Changes, Cars are Here!!!! #163 (Rust Update)

Rust | Modular Vehicles Update, Heli Changes, Cars are Here!!!! #163 (Rust Update) – Join me as we take a look at the newest upcoming content and concepts for Rust!

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26 thoughts on “Rust | Modular Vehicles Update, Heli Changes, Cars are Here!!!! #163 (Rust Update)

  1. noone will use that ingame except for big clans for fun and roleplayers that get reckt. gameplay is still to fast, but thos choppa purchases will slow the early game atleast a bit.

  2. I'm pretty sure with the external motor, you only need one of everything for it to work, i.e. spark plugs, valves, and pistons but its less efficient if you only have the bare necessities.

  3. My rust has been fked ever since this update, don't know if it's coincidental with the timing or not but I've been rubberbanding, frame dropping, lagging e.t.c, anyone else experiencing same issues?

  4. Alright hope they change helis back and make a player buy cars cause they are fucking useless I’d rather get a full stamina black horse than a car

  5. I am really not exited about those cars… i mean… you have minicopter..
    thats the most OP thing in the game … why do u need a fucking cars

  6. Its nice that they have 36 hours decay time now but mini's will be the most coveted raid item in the game now.
    I do not like the change at all.
    I'm def one who thinks it's too expensive (a T2 per mini is way too much)
    Maybe Ill find a 2x server now.

    Thanks for being one of the only people Ive seen addressing this modified decay situation.

  7. Really think that this isn't that great of an update , personally it just makes me despise the fact that we aren't getting mini's unless we buy one for like 1500 scrap. If they do that to boats and horses and cars too I'm done with the game. Modular weapons should've come before the vehicle update too!

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