Rayman Legends – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Teensies in Trouble Intro (PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360, PC)

Preorder Rayman Legends: – Thanks for every Like and Favorite! They really help! This is Part 1 of the Rayman Legends Gameplay Walkthrough for the PS3! It includes the Once Upon a Time and Creepy Castle levels from Teensies in Trouble.

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Thanks for watching my Rayman Legends Gameplay and Walkthrough. I’m playing this game on the PS3, but it’s also available for the Wii U, PC, Xbox 360, and the Vita. I’ve never played a Rayman game before, but I like what I’ve seen so far, and I’m excited to start playing this highly anticipated platformer! You may have seen an E3 trailer or review, but this playthrough will feature my commentary through the entire story mode including the ending! If you’re a fan of the Rayman series, then let’s play Rayman Legends! Subscribe to ZackScottGames for new episodes of Rayman Legends today!

Michel Ancel, celebrated creator of Rayman, Beyond Good & Evil and the Raving Rabbids returns with the biggest Rayman game ever created – Rayman Legends! The Glade of Dreams is in trouble once again! During a 100-year nap, the nightmares multiplied and spread, creating new monsters even more terrifying than before! These creatures are the stuff of legend… Dragons, giant toads, sea monsters, and even evil luchadores. With the help of Murfy, Rayman and Globox awake and must now help fight these nightmares and save the Teensies!



Name: Rayman Legends
Developer: Ubisoft Montpellier
Publisher: Ubisoft
Platforms: Nintendo Wii U, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Windows PC, Playstation Vita
Release Date: August 29, 2013 (EU), September 3, 2013 (NA)

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27 thoughts on “Rayman Legends – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Teensies in Trouble Intro (PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360, PC)

  1. I have all the pricesesse and the boys soooo ya it's a really fun game I'm playing online which my friend's so it's a really good and fun little game to play byeeeeee

  2. I played the Original Rayman legends game and THEN I PLAYED THE NEW RAYMAN GAME CALLED RAYMAN ADVENTURES get it from the app store or Google Play

  3. My 1st ray man game was probably origins I was about 4 when I played I still remember killing the last boss so frustrating

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