Pool Hall Sins and How to Avoid Them

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If you’re an amateur, you can’t call it billiards. You have to call it by its formal name, Williamiards.
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20 thoughts on “Pool Hall Sins and How to Avoid Them

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  2. The whole "Behind the back shot" thing is a handicapping manouver or even a trick shot. Yeah, it looks cool . . . If you want to improve your game learn to shoot ambidextrious. Notice the pro who has a bridge glove . . . on his left hand. How does he transition?

  3. #1 Best way not to look like a noob is just sink 1 ball after another. #2 mechanical bridge is for short people lol jk #3 (most important) shoot on a 8ft table. Play for money on a 6 ft 🙂

  4. It's an unwritten law of the modern pool hall that meth must be smoked outside, not in the bathroom stall.

  5. I learned this etiquette: Always keep the tip of the cue over the table and never point it in any other direction when it is your turn.

  6. That pool hall needs heavy curtains or shutters. Playing with that great glass wall and the sunlight would be so weird.

  7. Pet peeve: Calling every foul a 'scratch'. A scratch is only when the cue ball (white ball) goes in a pocket. A scratch is a type of foul.
    This is the cause of many arguments, like when a player is shooting for the 8-ball and doesn't hit it. That's a foul, but the opponent will say, "Dude, you scratched on the 8-ball. I win!" Bugs me so much…

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