Overwatch Song | Healing You | #NerdOut ("Ed Sheeran – Shape Of You" Parody)

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Director/Editor/Lyrics – The8thHawk

Vocals/Lyrics – Ben Schuller

Impressions – SoundsLikePizza

Instrumental – Karaoke Masterpieces

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24 thoughts on “Overwatch Song | Healing You | #NerdOut ("Ed Sheeran – Shape Of You" Parody)

  1. When one of your favorite Overwatch characters for design and main is Mercy and then everyone looks at you like your dumb but you look at them like I can heal you so you better done accept me as a player

    Then they are close to dying and you heal them with Mercy and then they accept you as a player and love your main which is Mercy

    Mercy a god accept my Mercy ok Mercy is a awesome healer ok and the design is awesome so you accept my Mercy

    Anyone else love Mercy?

    Like my comment Mercy fam

  2. I used to watch this so much and I now main zen and woooo I can’t count the amount of hate I get saying zen is a bad healer so I switch then people complain when genji or pharah or reaper ults and well I’m not zen so I can’t trance.

  3. When I play I generally have my friend play mercy for our team cause at least we have one of no one will be it and he's good at it and I play genji I get good kills while helping my team and we make sure spread healing and combat like it always should be played so all healers thank you for what you do

  4. Thank you healers. You deserve much more appreciation then you get. Keep going. You'll be respected one day.

  5. Lol this song is outdated. Healers have it so easy in the game if the dps/tanks know what to do. What would help is if healers didn't always try to go all dps on people(especially moira mains). Also they updated it so nowadays people can play in 2 tank 2 healer 2 damage comp. problem solved.

  6. Yes I main mercy and I always used to lose because nobody was being mercy so I had to do it. Not to toot my own horn, but I’m decent at mercy. One thing I do hate is that every lobby has that one guy who just screams at me “I NEED HEALING I NEED HEALING I NEED HEALING I NEED HEALING” when he didn’t listen to me when I told him to group up with the rest of us. Every team has a jerk like that and I refuse to help someone as toxic as that, even if it costs us the game. If you’re going to treat me as free health or get mad when I don’t follow you because we’re doing a huge offensive, you don’t deserve my help.

  7. Tfw you're playing mercy and your team refuses to cover you then complains when you die

  8. I forgot about this song use to listen to it all the time. Then recently I heard the actual song and was like "why does this remind me of overwatch?"

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