OMG! NEW Robot SCORPION GAMEPLAY – War Robots Test Server 6.0.1 WR

War Robots Test Server 6.0.1 Gameplay with the New Robot SCORPION WR

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48 thoughts on “OMG! NEW Robot SCORPION GAMEPLAY – War Robots Test Server 6.0.1 WR

  1. Holy Cow! That new Robot Scorpion is funny to play but at the same time causing extreme chaos on the battlefield if you ask me.
    Ps.: I made a mistake when saying that you can jump onto a friendly Phantom. That – you can't do since you can only teleport to enemies.
    I now also know the real stats of the robot on this test server.. They are as followed:
    Ability Duration: 15 Seconds

    Ability Cooldown: 18 Seconds

    Ability Range: 500m

    Defence Points In Ability: 100 (around 50% resistance)

    Build-in gun range: 100m

    Build-in gun shot interval: 1 sec

    Build-in gun damage: 670 per shot

    Build-in gun DoT damage: 267

  2. pixonic is sooo stupid this bot is a terrible idea and they were going to give it 90 resistance what idiots..

  3. I just can't see fun in game that you teleport to someone, shoot full amo and teleport back. What next? atom bomb for $ that kill all enemy robots?

  4. If there will be too many of them I will stop playing this game. If this thing have this ability, it suppose to be very easy to kill it when in use. Then you will be have to use this ability very smart. Skills of player + robot suppose to have matter, in this case you dont need no skills.

  5. This robot is going to be a headache to deal with. Especially for bots that use lock on weapons. They will lose lock on when the scorpion goes behind it. I think they crossed the line when they made it so that it can teleport back.

  6. Looks FFA Battle is all I play ok. 70% of the time I get shot in the back. it's no biggie OK. Russia made this game and their favorite game is Chess. This game also is like chess. Chess is a game you can't win unless you attack at some point. This bolt is going to,be killed just like the rest . all bolts have a weakness a time when they have their fate sealed. It may take a few games to find it and apply how to destroy them but you will find it just like you found it for the rest. I've destroyed every robot made at one point and I am sure you have too.

  7. This game have become trash. Everyone will have scorpion bot n fk the world, no need skill. The game is trash now guys. Stop playing it n try other games.

  8. They also need to give scorpion a Energy shield on top of its resistance. So it would be worth my wallet

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