Office Zombie

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Office Jerk comes the undead hit, Office Zombie: where a casually funny zombie apocalypse meets the 9 to 5 office grind.

Throw tons of objects that will ruin even the toughest Zombie’s day!

Use your makeshift arsenal to torment the Zombie, just like old times! Grab whatever you have nearby: an explosive bear, saw blade, hatchet, cauldron, grenade, record or even a brick to torment the undead Jerk to death – or should we say, undeath!

Complete daily challenges, collect daily rewards and take a stab at finishing everything in the Zombie destruction checklist. It’s awesome-spooky fun for everyone!


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  1. Nick Bro 97 Perales 3 weeks ago

    Next Update Game ,,,, Office President Trump

  2. Miguel Garcia 3 weeks ago

    Good old times

  3. Kristi Frye 3 weeks ago

    Plus I’m watching this at night

  4. Kristi Frye 3 weeks ago

    Sorry to say this but it’s kinda creepy

  5. What96 3 weeks ago

    hey nice video keep up the good work! iv got a shout out series it could help grow your channel all you have to do is subscribe and comment on my last video to have a chance to be in my next video 🙂


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