NUMBERBLOCKS in Space: Cut-out your Numberblock GAME

Numberblocks in Space:
We had so much fun making this video about Numberblocks in Space! We have used, Draw-your-Game app. You can find it on both Android and iOS app stores.
We used cut-outs to make 5 different levels, and then played each level to reach the end!

Fan-made Back Story:
Numberblocks are filling space very quickly, after the BIG Numberblock 1000000 BANG has spread the Numberblocks throughout the universe. Follow our hero, Stickman, trying to escape the grips of these naughty blocks and run away from the Giant Alien.

Blox Play makes Fan-videos Inspired by the Numberblocks! Little blocks with big ideas, having a ton of number fun. Learn how to add, subtract and count the fun and educational way! In this educational Numberblocks is a cartoon for kids, children can learn how to count with basic maths sums, using addition and subtraction with singular blocks that join together to make increasingly bigger numbers.



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