Both Roosters are my pet. The roosters grew up together and they started to fight for the female. Rooster A was the king. Now, he lost his power and dignity.

*the cock fight is naturally happens, and it is so normal in my small farm. this two bird has been fighting for many times( i didnt make them fight, i was at home tht time and notice it happens then i just film the natural phenomena and share in youtube) we have many hens in my farm coz we sell the eggs. i guess they really fight for dominance and females. one will chase another rooster for fight if they meet each other. this is true and i would not intervene into their fight because i have been pecked by rooster so many times when separating them sometimes bleeding and end up bruised body.

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32 thoughts on “NO MERCY – ROOSTER FIGHT!!!

  1. It is inevitable. There will come a time when they have to challenge and fight each other ,sometimes until death. That's what they are, It's in their blood.
    And the only way to stop them from fighting while free, is to find out the winner anyhow by making them fight.. It has to come.

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  3. It’s common in Vietnam to see rooster fights. But if you don’t break up the fight they’ll fight until death or when one backs out.

  4. My dominant rooster does this to my outcast rooster. I follow my chickens so everytime the dominant one attacks the innocent one for no reason i wack the dominant rooster with my stick

  5. I f**** hate you you're the worst person I've ever met do not before poor animal don't just sit there and record the video of them to fighting screw yourself

  6. At last it's the survival of the fittest…. All the Nature's living fight for their existence & to enhance their blood…. That's how the general pattern is made. The superiority alone survives the hurdles. The rest all exist to serve the human purpose.

  7. It's a shame you didn't separate them BEFORE he started bleeding.

    It's up to us, as humans to not let our animals savage each other. We are supposed to provide a happy, healthy environment. Free of torment, torture, fear and pain. Letting two males rip each other up is not the way to live in harmony with nature.
    Sorry, but it's way I feel.

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