Monopoly Travel Edition Unboxing,How to Play Monopoly, Complete Tutorial in Hindi

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The Funskool Travel Monopoly game comes in a compact little body measuring 24.2 x 14.6 x 6 cm, which means it can easily be stored in your child’s cupboard or toy cabinet. It also features a depression in the middle, so that you can store all the essentials inside, without having to struggle to shut this toy suitcase when it’s time to put the game away. Not only is this board game for 8 year old kids an entertaining one but it also teaches your child the value of money and to always be cautious, especially where money is concerned.

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If you’re the kind of family that takes a lot of vacations together, then you will find this Funskool Travel Monopoly board game very handy. It is especially useful if you spend long hours travelling by road or by train. This board game comes in the design of a compact little travelling suitcase, with clasps that ensure that all your game pieces, dice and cards are secured within. Based on one of the most famous board games of all times, this Travel Monopoly game is suitable for both adults as well as relatively older children


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  1. Sandeep Dhankhar 2 weeks ago

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  5. Fun Time With Rudra 2 weeks ago

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  7. Lala Bumb 2 weeks ago

    This so cute game 😍 I like it

  8. Lala Bumb 2 weeks ago

    I have Monopoly electronic banking game

  9. sunny niogti 2 weeks ago

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  11. Partha Mondal 2 weeks ago

    Good video

  12. Sharzina Rupa 2 weeks ago

    Any body make me understand that how i get community chest by rolling 3 times and after adding i get certainly less than 18? what if i get 5:4+4:6+3:4?

  13. Rajni Rakhecha 2 weeks ago

    Bhai aya bhoot purana game h

  14. Pratibha Singh 2 weeks ago

    Agar hame bank se paise lene ho aur bank me paise na ho to kya kare.please tell.

  15. MEERA SHAH 2 weeks ago

    Good I Love 💓 it

  16. RAJESH VASHISTH 2 weeks ago

    Travelling ludo giveaway result kha milenge

  17. chandan chakraborty 2 weeks ago

    monopoly is also in fortnight edition

  18. Deepshikha Chauhan 2 weeks ago

    I have ultimate banking monopoly

  19. Bala Lohia 2 weeks ago

    Please review about the avengers edition of monopoly

  20. Prabhakar Pandey 2 weeks ago

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    how much money

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  23. Sujaya Saha 2 weeks ago

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    How to distribute money in this game

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