Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX – Gameplay PSX / PS1 / PS One / HD 720P (Epsxe)

Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX – Gameplay PSX / PS1 / PS One / HD 720P (Epsxe)

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Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX is a BMX video game released in 2001 for various systems, including the PlayStation, Game Boy Color, Dreamcast, Microsoft Windows and Game Boy Advance. The game was followed by Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX 2. A demo version of the game is available in the options menu in the PlayStation version of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2.

The goal of Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX is to successfully perform and combine different tricks on a BMX bike, with successful executions adding to the player’s score. The player can play as one of eight different professional BMX riders, including Mat Hoffman, Rick Thorne, or Mike Escamilla. The game also uses a tweaked version of the game engine used in a similar video game, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.

Enhanced graphics with emulator EPSXE.For recording I used a Live Gamer HD Capture Card.
-some games can have graphical issues, lags and other problems…

PC specs:
CPU – Intel Core i7 3770K @ 4.20 Ghz
RAM – 8 GB
GPU – MSI GeForce GTX 760 OC Gaming
OS – Windows 7 64bit

Epsxe 1.9 specs:
– info, faqs, tips at godgames-world website


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25 thoughts on “Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX – Gameplay PSX / PS1 / PS One / HD 720P (Epsxe)

  1. Maybe I'm wrong, but wasn't this part of a collection of games? I remember having a single, or maybe two discs, that held many games. This was one of them, along with Crash Bash. I never learned the titles of all the other games sadly, I was very little. Does anyone have even the slightest idea what I mean, or is this just a false memory and there never was a disc that held many games? I think it also had a game where you all rode bikes and you could punch the person next to you while you raced. Though this is a very minimal and distorted memory.

  2. Can't really say I loved this game but it was really worth playing it. I had a great time back in the day and truly loved the soundtrack. Icons from face to face was my favorite song from this game.

  3. I will refuse by pailhead (I think that's the name) is as nostalgic as listening to police truck by dead Kennedy

  4. This was the bike version of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, and Dave Mirra's BMX was the bike version of Thrasher.

  5. I just ordered this game to play on my ps3. Remembering old times! When games were full of content and no dlc/pay to win shit.

  6. Uff loved this game in my childhood.. the music in the mene alone let me reminds the good old times hahaha

  7. I know this game is upscaled through an emulator through this video but this game really pushed the ps1's limits! Pretty impressive!

  8. Ahh…life was so simple back then. Jeans were baggy, music was good, hardly anyone dived in football matches…..and most of all, I could rent games from my cornerstore for a week at a time. This game ruled.

  9. Ini kalo gua main d rental ps, video nya langsung gue pencet "start" di skip.. Baru pertama nonton sampe full disini wkwkwk

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