Making of PARTY KILLER – Ludum Dare 46

We participated in Ludum Dare 46, and it was a blast!

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● “Body Issues” made by Ventus:
● “Fuel me” made by RobertvonSlobert and Thea:
● “Keepin’ Alive” made by Sofibab:
● “Mine of Shadows” made by Jesmodev:


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♪ “ES_Dress Code_Black – oomiee” by Epidemic Sound


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32 thoughts on “Making of PARTY KILLER – Ludum Dare 46

  1. Seriously no ones gonna tell him to stop saying Dah-ree instead of Dare? I love you Brackeys dont hate me

  2. me: smiles
    brackeys: i spend alot of time making games
    also me: i just got done 20 hr coding with no sleep
    also also me me: help me

  3. because those projectiles change color you should add mechanic that switches your color also so when projectile is same color as you you are immune to it it would make players focus on colors

  4. Within the source code – there are only blender files that exist not actual 3d model files that can understand by Unity.
    So actual source code becomes unuseful so how to solve this problem and run the game within the PC?
    At present everything showing missing within the 3d models.

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