Let's Play: Final Fantasy XIII – Part 148 "Welcome To Post Game" | HD

Hey there everybody, and welcome to my third installment to the “Let’s Play” series! This time I will be bringing you a 100 % walkthrough to Final Fantasy XIII! Everything you need to know about this newly released master piece by Square Enix will be contained in this guide, ranging from: Main Story Walkthrough, Post Game Guide, Ultimate Weapons, Legendary Accessories, Secret Bosses, Optional Areas, Cie’th Stone Missions, Side Quests, CP and Gil Farming, Equipment Upgrades, Crystarium Advancement, Boss Strategies, Enemy Intel, Party Selection, Paradigms, Achievements/ Trophies, and much much more! By the time you have viewed this walkthrough from start to finish, you will be a seasoned pro at Final Fantasy XIII. My goal is to make your playthrough as easy and enjoyable as possible. Also I wanted to thank all my subscribers and contributors for making this walkthrough possible. Your the best! Dont forget to like, subscribe, and comment for more high quality HD videos to all your favorite games! Below you will find a link to the complete playlist for Final Fantasy XIII, Enjoy!!

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7 thoughts on “Let's Play: Final Fantasy XIII – Part 148 "Welcome To Post Game" | HD

  1. Plus I love your walkthroughs, but I could just about strangle you from how repetitious your explanations are!

  2. Hey really enjoyed the guide it helped me out a lot! Here's the thing the lp on your page only has up to episode 147, I found this one by doing a search for a post game guide however, I'm unable to find any more and I was wondering what the deal was? They not get uploaded? They get lost? Or am I just not able to find them out of user error? Again thanx for the LP hope I can find the rest, I enjoy playing along with you and don't want to try to fallow someone else that's not set up the same as I am.

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