Legend of Korra: Pro Bender Arena Preview with the Game Boy Geek

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A preview of this tactical 2 player card game / board game about bending elements (earth, wind & fire) in an arena. Knock your opponents out of the arena to win!

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  1. Core Games 3 weeks ago

    Deck builder? I'm out. Does not match.

  2. Robert Mitchell 3 weeks ago

    Dan, very cool preview! Looking forward to seeing how this project evolves.

  3. jpower2010 3 weeks ago

    Lol i remember watching sen and jessy play this the last time i was at his house a couple months ago. Its amazing to see it go from simple paper drawings to this! I told them im not even into the theme but it looks like a really sweet game!

  4. Scott 3 weeks ago

    I'm loving the quality of your videos!

  5. Loyd Fox 3 weeks ago

    Looking forward to this one and I hope it opens the door for more Avatar games. +1 for a Last Airbender campaign based game.

  6. Brian B 3 weeks ago

    Wonder what happened to the air benders. Hmmm…..

  7. Froop 3 weeks ago

    Wow this is cool! Just backed it!

  8. Behind the Box 3 weeks ago

    Looks interesting. We loved the Avatar shows so this has us excited!


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