Game development – Advice for developing a simple mobile game

Hey everyone! I wanted to give three simple pieces of advice for developing simple mobile games. I’ll do a series on intermediate level games sometime soon. I hope you enjoy the video!

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My names Matthew Palaje and I’m a professional games developer. I develop high quality mobile games and PC games for clients. I also develop my own games and hope to make it as a successful indie developer one day.

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43 thoughts on “Game development – Advice for developing a simple mobile game

  1. Hey everyone! In this video I wanted to give you three bits of advice for developing your own simple mobile game! I plan on doing a behind the scenes environment video soon and also three bits of advice for making bigger indie games. Thanks so much for all of your support and for watching my videos!

  2. Can anyone teach me unity in a month. I was going to hire devs but I'd rather learn to code myself. I have some background in C++ so I know a little something. I want to build my app myself and design it myself

  3. Hi Matthew, you are sooo genious! Would you love to launch your games in China? we can`t wait to have lots of fun with them. Find us on facebook: APPTUTTI

    Google Play tell me " We're sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server. "

  5. any game developer willing to help me with a few things in my game which I am currently developing please reply

  6. Love the vibe in here. Not like my loser IT costudent who have no hope in making a game. "Ugh it's too haard.", "You need to be born a programmer to have success.", "It costs a lot of money to upload your game." Like, shut the fuck up, and let me do my game without you fuckers dragging me down!!! Fucking losers

  7. if you use unity , you're not a true developer , a true developer creates his own engine in java and use it for all his android projects

  8. I kind of disagree with 'not recommending' games this small. I actually have learned the most from these types of super small games, polishing mostly the gameplay only. That's the essence of prototyping actually. So your video is a little bit contradictory there. I know why you suggest games shouldn't take this short of time to develop, because just rushing out a game concept only to meet a single day deadline is fairly stupid. However, when you can get the core gameplay done, turned into something fun and fairly polished gameplay-wise (controls, response, feedback etc) in only a few hours to a day, it probably means you're on the right track.

  9. good vid but stop reading a script, you're better off having notes so you wont stumble on your words and can just go with the flow

  10. You encouraged me to make my own game. Thank you!

    I have created a game for android with tutorials like yours. If you are reading this and are also learning to code games I post my game as an example of what you can do being a begginer with 4 months of work and a lot of help from the internet! It is a fairly simple game, but it is 3D and fun to play. You can try it if you want,

    Some advice in how to improve it would be awesome!

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