Final Fantasy 13 – The Superbosses, Long Gui & Vercingetorix – Mark 64 – Postgame Finale

Finally after fighting our way through mark after mark, we end up at the final battle, but before that happens and we tackle the games two superbosses, we farm up some dark matter from the newly spawned Shaolong Gui for the ultimate gearing.

We then take on the Shaolong Gui’s bigger brother using an interesting strategy picked up from youtube, with a summon incapacitating the larger foe we deal the damage using Vanille’s death spell and within one stagger aim to take off over 15 million HP.

Then its on to the final challenge, the Doom Herald, Vercingetorix, with all our opponents fielding one hit kill attacks, we take it slow and attempt to take down the fiercest opponent of all and clear Pulse off the last powerful Cie’th.


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20 thoughts on “Final Fantasy 13 – The Superbosses, Long Gui & Vercingetorix – Mark 64 – Postgame Finale

  1. If only you would of made this video back then. I remember it took me 3 and a half hours to beat vercingetorix. Thanks for the memories.

  2. I remember I mastered this game around 2012, now I watch and I can't remember anything other than I was farming those super turtles a lot!

  3. Thanks to your video i could beat this guy!
    Greetings from Brazil!
    My team for this battle was Fang, Hope and Vanille.

  4. I'm replaying the game just wondering how you get 100k exp from it. Even with the growth egg i only get 80k, did they nerfed it or i'm missing something ?

  5. I wouldnt say you finished the game. Id consider finished if you platinum it haha. Ive seen a lot of 1☆ results :p

  6. I like how Vercingetorix attacks the way he swirls around is just beast, I miss playing this game on xbox360 this was one of my favorite final fantasy game

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