Final Fantasy 13 – Post-Game Gil Farming Guide

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Hey everyone, CorpusDelecti here again. Today I am going to show you all a strategy Blackbush and myself have worked on figuring out in regards to obtaining the highest gain while Gil Farming in Final Fantasy 13.

Now we have both tried multiple Gil Farming spots and locations, and even looked online for all of the “Best” options for gil grinding. However we sat down and worked multiple spots together and came up with this one here. Math will be included in this description.

But for starters, for those that feel I went to fast, or didn’t happen to catch exactly what I am using, and my methods easily enough, I will place that here:

Fang is our mightly party leader and she is equiped with the following;
Tier 3 Dragonhorn – Fully Leveled
Sprint Shoes
Genji Glove
Morale Talisman
Gaian Ring – Fully Leveled

Vanille is equiped with:
Tier 3 Belladonna Wand – Fully Leveled
Sprint Shoes
Weirding Glyph – Fully Leveled
Collector’s Catalog
Gaian Ring – Fully Leveled (See a reacurrance here?)

Snow is equiped with:
Teir 3 Feymark – Fully Leveled
Weirding Glyph – Fully Leveled
Weirding Glyph – Level 9
Gaian Ring – Fully Leveled

Now as you see, MY gear personally is pretty high, however this can be pulled off just as easily with the lower level equivalents. (Blackbush has been doing it himself).

The Paradigms I use are based off of the mighty Arthellnius’ setup I just tweak my method a bit.

I will instruct you with my paradigms by number, so here goes.
Paradigm 1: Rav-Rav-Rav
Paradigm 2: Com-Med-Med
Paradigm 3: Syn-Sab-Sab
Paradigm 4: Com-Com-Sab

So for starters we start with Paradigm 1:
Cast 6 Thunders, repeat and hit Triangle when the bar reaches 3. So that we have enough stagger.
Repeat this and switch to the right leg, yet allow 4 Thunders at the end.
Shift to Paradigm 2 and Highwind the left leg, then repeat for the right.
Shift to paradigm 3 and cast Bravera and Haste on Fang, then Haste and Faithra on Vanille and Snow.
Shift to Paradigm 1 again and cast thunder 12 times, so repeat twice.
Shift to Paradigm 4 and use Attack 6 times, repeat if neccessary then Highwind to finish the job.

I tried to add all the math, but it wouldn’t let me, let’s just say that this method is highly possible to net you 1.5 Million Gil or more per hour.

As usual we hope you enjoyed and that we here at e-1337 Media were able to help you all. Thanks for watching.



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  1. Derpfish 2 weeks ago

    Thanks for this vid, it's the perfect solution to farming gil late game. I can no longer farm the Sacrifices in Edens Cradle due to the bridges no longer being there post game.

    I need 5 Adamantite and 5 Dark Matter + 6 Trapezohedron to get the Treasure hunter trophy. So this should be perfect for the Adamantite as they have to be bought from the shop.

    My only worry is farming those Dark Matters and Trapezohedrons!

  2. MrPsykarl88 2 weeks ago

    Thank you so much for this video, I really like this strategy, because I can't stress how much I hate the "pure luck" factor. At least, with this, you always get that gold nugget. I prefer going up and down from Sulyya to Archylte everytime than, say, fighting tortoise for a hour straight at the risk of getting absolutely NOTHING (which happened already)

  3. Ulquiorragurl26 2 weeks ago

    Your pronunciation of ingots and Adamantortoise is hilarious but this was actually somewhat useful since I wanted a gil farming method that was easier than hunting Shaolong Gui for Dark Matter or Long Gui for Platinum Ingots or Trapezohedron.

  4. Zariche Yruga 2 weeks ago

    PC OCT 09 2014 

  5. Soma Cruz 2 weeks ago

    laughed so hard at ignots

  6. Eric Nicolas 2 weeks ago

    First you should find Clay Ring which upgrades to Silstone Ring then Gaian Ring is the final upgrade.

  7. Martin Fracker 2 weeks ago

    Yea I think you transform hermes sandals or dismantle fully upgraded tetradic tiara to get sprint shoes.

  8. mezui82 2 weeks ago

    I believe so. It's been a while since i platinumed the game…but i clearly remember that a fully upgraded hermes sandal is the starting point to obtain a sprint shoe.

  9. Martin Fracker 2 weeks ago

    I believe you are supposed to transform the fully upgraded hermes sandal o.o

  10. Aced XXII 2 weeks ago

    Is there any way to get another clay ring, earth charm, or gaian ring after a sold all of mine? Like from mission/monster drops.

  11. mezui82 2 weeks ago

    Upgrade your silstone ring…

  12. mezui82 2 weeks ago

    Just dismantle a fully upgraded hermes sandal ( got in the walkthrough or by dismantling 1 fully upgraded tetradic tiara).

  13. musicmaniack256 2 weeks ago

    how do u get more than 1 sprint shoes?

  14. devilkazama 2 weeks ago

    Chocobo riding is CP waste 😛

  15. Matteo Lenn 2 weeks ago

    have you got 1 for dark matter farming from shaolong guis. I've utilised this method and works the best

  16. draco2202 2 weeks ago

    how do u get gaian rings?

  17. Rick Bars 2 weeks ago

    smart good video

  18. stalin1666 2 weeks ago

    IN-Gots not IG-Nots Jesus man.

  19. Jrovner30 2 weeks ago

    You sound like Jack Nicholson a little bit.


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