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Help Figaro escape the clutches of a monster spider as he races through his gothic mansion. He’s got the place rigged with gadgets but you better act quick — the clock’s ticking!
Figaro Pho Creatures and Critters features:
– 42 Levels
– Gorgeous animation and graphics
– Power-ups, obstacles and contraptions
– Achievements
– Based on an award-winning TV series
You might think the fear of spiders is silly, but when Figaro comes across a grumpy spider the size of a small pony this fear doesn’t seem strange at all. The clock is ticking as Figaro flees in terror through the dark halls of his spooky mansion. And as if a giant slobbering arachnid hot on your heels isn’t bad news enough, throw in a bunch of other creepy crawlies – all with a taste for the fearful Figaro Pho. Yes, he’s got a few tricks up his sleeve – the odd camouflage disguise, the occasional grapple hook gun — but you better use them well. Your opponent has a habit of dropping from the ceiling!! Will our hero make it to the front door in time, before he’s snatched up and eaten alive??! Figaro’s fate is in your hands…
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