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Dark Phoenix and Game Of Thrones star Sophie Turner tries Goat Yoga for the first time. “I’ve never felt that excited about anything in my life, ever, and I’ve been proposed to and that wasn’t even the best day of my life, this was,” says Sophie Turner, future Mrs Joe Jonas and the star of the upcoming Dark Phoenix about experiencing wellness routine, Goat Yoga.

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Extreme Wellness With Sophie Turner


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39 Replies to “Extreme Wellness With Sophie Turner | British Vogue”

  1. And there are people doing this goat yoga thing seriously there are instructors and other people working with it………wow………find it ridiculous to a pretty high degree, i do!!!

  2. Her walking away with the goat was the most English thing I’ve ever seen, like, I like this and therefore I shall take it. cheerio

  3. Poor little thing's skull is deformed by how extremely they sliced off his horn buds and cauterized them with a red hot iron. :'(

  4. Yoga is not a bloody workout anyway. Also, this is not yoga at all westerners just be putting anything up with a few yoga poses and call it yoga. Yoga is a meditative practice which is about spirituality practiced by someone on the path to nirvana /moksha. The poses and breathing is but just a small part of it and obviously you don't like it it's about patience because enlightenment requires a lot of patience and stillness but it's a spiritual practice so what do people expect it's not like any other workouts because the purpose of it is not that at all. Yoga is not a workout and so I think westerners should be a little more respectful when saying sh*t like I hate yoga because it's a part of a lot of people's spiritual journey and culture in sanatan dharma. If a Hindu or Buddhist said something on the similar lines about Christianity it would be blasphemous its just that our culture is much more tolerant.

  5. I actually dislike Sansa a lot but find Sophie really funny and down to earth. That means she really is a good actress.

  6. I really love her face with almost no make up or no make up at all, she's really beautiful, 2nd to Emilia (well, for me). They're both charming and bubbly.

  7. Ay nooo I’m dying with las cabritas. I can’t believe people eat them 😭 they are so cute and innocent. Lucy …. I just want to kiss her. They move their little tail

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