Elder scrolls V: Skyrim – How to safely change your gender/sex

Hi there dovahkiins, here is an easy and safe way to change your gender in skyrim without losing any stats.

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Now to the facts:

1. Remove all your weapons and gear.
2. Open the game consols pressing they key at the left side of the number 1 at your left.
3. With the consol open type: showracemenu

Then hit enter and the char creation menu will appear, close the console by hitting the same key u used to open it.

Now u can change the sex and new look of your char. When u are done just type the new name and that will be it, you can put your gear back on and as u see in the vid your stats/health/stamina etc will remain intact.

Note 1: If u dont remove all your gear u will lose some of your magicka/health/stamina given by the equiped items.
Note 2: If u change your race you will also be changing your racial and passive stats.

Good luck.

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43 thoughts on “Elder scrolls V: Skyrim – How to safely change your gender/sex

  1. When i change my gender of my character my game just crashes 😑 can someone help me out???

  2. For people who are getting weird faces and stuff try this :

    before you do "showracemenu", just type in "player.setrace RACENAME".
    That should fix it. Worked for me, didnt even had to unequip armors

  3. Question do you know if i change the gender to female from male with this comand the activ Agent of Diabella will work ? (10% more dmg to opposite sex) ???

  4. doing this resets your stat level… so if your smithing was lvl 69, it would go back to 15, or 20…either one.

  5. warning, don't change the preset of your body, or the skills (one-handed, two handed, sneak, etc) may reseted to 15 or changed higher or lower

  6. I'm Married To Lydia And i've adopted 2 Children
    So if i turn into a Female What's gonna Happen To Them? O.o
    I've Become Bruce Jenner xD

  7. I hate this i have it for the Xbox and I want to change my characters race but of course it has to be for the pc 😠

  8. That is probably the only worst thing about this game is that you can't change the sex on your character on consoles for extra damage to the opposite sex perks, BTW I find that there are more men in skyrim, so I would go for a female at the start.

  9. Will my characters appearance return to normal if I change back, or will I need to redo the face from scratch?

  10. This has evened out my magica/health/stamina and has brought my enchanting, alchemy, smithing, ect, down to 15 and boosted random things like block and destruction to high 80's.

    but i did get a female breton character!

    use this method at your own risk!!!

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