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From my collecting past, here is a video on how to make a GBA game case out of a DVD keep case.

CASE TEMPLATE: print full size (100%)

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Amazon links for DS/3DS cases(I never purchased this product)
Orange & Black
Pink & Black
Turquoise & Black
Light Blue & Black
Royal Blue & Black
Yellow & Black
Red & Black

K&J Magnetics (non affiliate link)

Tinkercad model


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41 Replies to “DIY Game Boy Advance game cases | Game Room Ideas”

  1. These cases are really nice for this purpose. They're the size of two DVD cases so they fit 20 carts and have no clips or spindles to cut out.

  2. for plastics tamiya extra thin cement melts the two plastics together, its used in scale modeling and a little goes a VERY long way

  3. This is so cool but i just want to be able to buy one. Agreed that its weird that Nintendo hasnt made real cases for these kinda games

  4. thank you for the idea, i made my own version of case with almost the same (dvd case) but instead of making holes and using hair ties i used foam modeling clay like this one ( ), i taped the games using masking tape and make that upside down to cover the back face of the game, then aligned it and filled the gaps with the foam and covering all the back with a thin layer of foam to make like a mold, letting it sit ang getttin a final result like this, you can even read the nintengo logo on the back in the mold (

  5. Tried the hair tie method with a CD case with softer plastic and it worked awesomely! This video was a big help. The CD case can store six GBA games, which is a good number for me – plus the case size fits well alongside my DS cases

  6. the terminals have the potential to not only damage the case as well as the neighboring case. Possibly the best option is funky/craft foam. If someone could make a die to use in a cheap craft press, it would be the best option.

  7. I have had one of those for ds and lost it and now always use single cases. Or when I do never leave house with one of those. I take single case.

  8. get those old baseball card sleeve protectors and use those , they work extremely well, the games just drop right In and u can use a 3 ring binder and hold all games

  9. Very clever!

    I wonder if the dvd case solution can be adjusted for GB and GBC cartridges. In that case obviously they would fit less cartridges than with the GBA ones, but I think that also could be a good idea for storing them and saving space.

    I see in the video recommending a Blu-Ray case for GB/GBC, but with the DVD cases I believe (without doing any measures yet) it can fit 2 GBC carts and a maximum of 6 GBA carts, or 4 GBC and 2 GBA, for examples.

    This would be nice for store games of large franchises like Zelda: three GBC Zeldas and four GBA Zeldas, including the ones from Classic NES Series. Assuming a GBC cart is the double of a GBA one, I think you can store all Zeldas from the Game Boy family in one DVD case. And of course one can later make a cool themed cover. XD

  10. I have psp game system. I have alot of the umd cases. But I got thinking of making a case like the one that like those zipper disk ones. I was thinking of using a Pokemon sleeve.

  11. Do you now where I could possibly get those Nintendo licensed zippered cases that you put your GBA games in?

  12. I just use a binder with those card holder sheets. It works especially well with original/gameboy color games and UMDs since they fit snuggly

  13. Wish I had come across this video a week sooner. I JUST purchased an officially licensed PowerA plastic case, and the games don't even fit correctly, I'm worried I'm going to snap the carts trying to cram them in.. Oh well, out goes $20 bucks and now I'm grabbing these much better looking 3DS cases.

  14. My game gear isn’t working!!!! Mom then throws it away because she is lazy roblox death noise ooooooooooooooooooooooooooof

  15. You could buy plastiweld or whatever they call that plastic you harden with uv to make little plastic rows to sit the carts between

  16. That was so much extra work when you can just use "Multi Storage Cases", they some in lots of different sizes including 14mm DVD case sized. They are basicly completely blank DVD cases without any disc or manual holders, thats what ive been using for years and also got some 20mm ones for GBC rumble games and even some bigger ones for ereader and gameboy cameras. Also if possible, look for ones without "moonclips" but if that's all you can get they can be easily snipped out if need be.

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