In this weeks video I show y’all how to make your own DIY version of bean Bag Bucketz. We played this game at the mall for a good 20 minutes and my husband really wanted it buy neither of us thought it was worth $60!! So I did what I always do.. DIY’d it! It ended up coming out to be about $30!!

How to Play: Toss bags from about 15 ft away into buckets. First person to 21 wins! The smaller bucket on the top is 4 points! 2 below are with 3, 2 below that are worth 2 and lowest/largest buckets are worth 1!

What you will need! 3/4 inch PVC Pipe. I bought 2 10 ft poles and had plenty. 1 cross joint, 4 45 degree angle joints, 4 caps, 2 plugs, 2 couplings, black spray paint, 1 small buckets, 2 buckets a bit larger, 2 a bit larger, and 2 the largest, tiny screws, black spray paint.

How to:
Bean Bags– Cut 24 small squares out. (12 of each color)
Pin right sides together, sew around 3 sides, flip right sides out, fill half way with beans, sew up remaining side.
Bucket Stand– Cut 4 2in PVC, Cut 4 4in PVC. Connect 2 inch to Cross joint, place 45 degree angle joint on each end, connect 4in PVC to angel joints, plans caps on end. Cut 50in PVC. Drill hole in center of Cross joint, Drill hole in 1 plug, connect with Nut and Bolt, place coupling on plug, insert 50 in PVC into coupling, place coupling and plug on the top end of PVC. Spray paint (optional) Use small screw to secure smaller bucket to top of stand. Evenly mark where you will attach buckets to stand, I spaced mine about 10 in apart. Pre-drill holes in buckets, attach with small screw to stand.


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  1. LOVE your tutorial! I am gearing up to make my own. Can I ask where you found metal buckets in the four different sizes on the cheap?

  2. I've never seen this kind of game before, but it looks like something my fiance would get really competitive while playing XD The bean bag colors remind me of watermelon! So cute 😀

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