Concentration (#19)

Teacher divides the class into small groups or partners. The students start the energizer by saying in unison and in the target language, “Concentration, 64, no repeats, or hesitations, I go first (one student), and you second (indicate to another student), category is…(select category).” This should be in a rhythmic manner with hand clapping. In a group, students can do two claps by themselves followed by two claps with the people next to them (see video). The introduction saying in unison can be altered to whatever works best with your target language so that the syllables match up with the rhythm. After students select the category, which can also be selected by the teacher, the students go in a circle and say a word in the rhythm that belongs in the category. If a student hesitates or repeats a word that’s been said, they are out of the game. Students who get out of the game can start up a new game. When the game gets down to two people, the two students can do two claps followed by two criss-cross claps with their partner (see video). The clapping continues throughout the whole game to keep the rhythm.


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9 thoughts on “Concentration (#19)

  1. The way I do it is I do,this is the game of concentration no repeats or hesitations category is..breeds of dogs.POMERANIAN, SHIZUE,POODLE.

  2. I love to do this! In fourth grade when we went to Annapolis, you're waiting for a bus and during that the whole entire fourth grade played that game!

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