Classical guitar playing technique. Tremolo. [Dmitry Nilov]

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I would advise to improve different types of playing tremolo, due to which you refine this technique. You can practice them in terms of playing any piece you choose. Slow tempo with articulate attack is obligatory. A metronome is a plus. You should play a piece wholly from the beginning to the end, while controlling dynamic evenness and note’s value. While playing quintole tremolo (piami…), finger “i” always goes after finger “p”. This disciplines right hand with no extra movements.

Tremolo/Rights hand’s position/Muscular freedom/Dmitry Nilov

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  1. Creative Workshop Classics of Sound DN 4 weeks ago

    Agustín Barrios Mangoré. El Ultimo Tremolo

  2. Rabin Rai 4 weeks ago

    whats all these piami, pimi?? new to classical guitar, are there exercises with explanations to learn this?

  3. Ardhian Pratama 4 weeks ago

    like the fingerstyle "hotel california"

  4. Loc My 4 weeks ago

    I LoVe You 😚😚😚

  5. Nukhan Lee 4 weeks ago

    The #Epitome of #LessTalkMoreWork!!
    Sire, yours a true #Masterclass!! 👌☝️👑

  6. Wave F Chan 4 weeks ago

    Awesome…I just wish you would explain what you're doing.. And give me exercise to do. To be that good

  7. Lalowa1 4 weeks ago


  8. Yasuo's Hair 4 weeks ago

    Anyone know the song name?

  9. Raffaella 4 weeks ago

    0:36 classic example
    1:22 example1
    2:03 example2
    2:47 example3
    3:43 exmaple4
    4:32 flamenco tremolo

  10. Madoolex 4 weeks ago

    This video is not edited?!

  11. vicktuby 4 weeks ago

    Where is the left hand?

  12. Paulus Dwi Hananto 4 weeks ago

    Good tutorial. I love tremolo pieces and this video show me variants of this technique. Really helpful. Thanks for this share. Great.

  13. mike cunliffe 4 weeks ago

    notice how he's playing close to the bridge to emphasise the trebles,best technique I've seen so far. 10/10

  14. Redha A Rachman 4 weeks ago

    This is my lullaby song

  15. Creative Guitar 4 weeks ago

    Great Content

  16. Nick 4 weeks ago

    The Godfather vibes

  17. frankole121 4 weeks ago

    Thanks very much for the ideas / variations Dmitry! Im going to practice right away!

  18. James Dean Hernandez 4 weeks ago

    After watching this I dont want play guitar anymore

  19. Esteban Casares 4 weeks ago

    Vieron que cuando toca con al dedo "a" (anular) se le mueve también el dedo meñique, obvio, es algo orgánico, tuve que soportar que gente ignorante y estúpida me dijera que yo movía dedos que no tocaban, "no, si me lo voy a cortar" debería haberles dicho yo. Hay que evitar rigideces forzadas que a la larga producirán daño, y los demás que aprendan.

  20. Mustafa Gedikli 4 weeks ago

    hello, is the apoyando and picado technique different?

  21. Azedaum Chavão Zika 4 weeks ago

    Dang; greetings from Brazil

  22. music lover 4 weeks ago

    So we can use any finger we feel comfortable with thank you for this video.

  23. Sons of the Edelweiss 4 weeks ago

    So you really do not need to use three fingers do perform a tremolo!

  24. Sons of the Edelweiss 4 weeks ago

    I just can’t play a tremolo fast enough I hv tried for years. Why? It is so frustrating and I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. I hv watched many videos.

  25. Tulus Situngkir 4 weeks ago

    thank you 4 the lesson

  26. Aleksandr Ovechkin 4 weeks ago

    Очень интересно! Я до сих пор работал с классической формулой тремоло. Другими-только эпизодически. Правда пока только ради исполнения произведения разучивал материал, где применяется этот прием. Но не ради самого тремоло. Тема тремоло по Школе Пухоля у меня еще впереди. А до этого растяжение, легато и т.д. Работы еще на год, а может и более до тремоло.

  27. AS A 4 weeks ago

    What’s the name of the pace?????

  28. Олег Лукьянчиков 4 weeks ago

    Этот ролик записан для иностранцев. А я озвучу для рускоязычных приём, который придумал лет 20 назад и успешно его практиковал среди учеников. 1) базовый 2) amip 3) mipa 4) ipam 5) pami – возвращение в базовый

  29. Gustavo Filho 4 weeks ago

    Esse é cobra. Faz com todos os dedos, invertendo a sequência

  30. Master Technique CG 4 weeks ago

    So many variations. you Could probably also mix the finger alteration with vary rhythm however I love your teaching.

  31. EVREN evo 4 weeks ago


  32. Randolph Mueller 4 weeks ago

    Your right hand technique is unbelievably fantastic! I would not believe it if I did not see it myself.

  33. rob donell 4 weeks ago

    Can you kindly post the chord progression ?

  34. cArLiToS x tu Ar H 4 weeks ago

    Lo hace con los 4 dedos

  35. PARIKESIT 01 Channel 4 weeks ago


  36. Waltriani 4 weeks ago

    Man, fantastic. You are a machine! Thank you for the video. I struggle so much with this technique. Its's so hard to sound fluid and clear.

  37. Jon RAVENWULF 4 weeks ago

    I'm having so much trouble with this so many instructors saying do it a different way one man on you tube swore that this is the wrong way to do it that man however dodnt play it like you did you couldn't hear notes and there was galloping I thought galloping was supposed to be heard because of this so I've wasted 40 plus hours doing it the wrong way.

  38. Bakhawan Ibrahim 4 weeks ago

    great, but it could have been better, if u would had the tab

  39. Paman Tigis 4 weeks ago


  40. Doug Miles 4 weeks ago

    PMA tremolo

  41. Andrés Eduardo Garzón Polanía 4 weeks ago

    Pmam is insane for me! Any else ?

  42. Isaac Grandos 4 weeks ago

    How long did it take you to get that good? I am trying but I can't. It's too hard.

  43. Tarik Yassine 4 weeks ago

    Please show me how you did it?? Please .
    I love it
    I'm dying to make it please 😭

  44. Slava Slave 4 weeks ago

    Здравствуйте! Замечательный урок! Вот есть вопрос только. Как, когда играю PIMI набрать большую скорость? вот после определенного момента никак не могу быстрей ((

  45. KRIPTON OFFICIAL 4 weeks ago

    what song is that, plz tell me


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