CGR Undertow – VIKING: BATTLE FOR ASGARD review for Xbox 360

Viking: Battle For Asgard review.
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Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow review of Viking: Battle For Asgard for the Xbox 360 developed by The Creative Assembly and published by SEGA.

Viking: Battle For Asgard was released in 2008 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It’s a hack-and-slash action game that tells a story painted thick with Norse mythology. Playing as the warrior Skarin, it’s up to you to keep the armies of the vengeful goddess Hel at bay. Viking: Battle For Asgard takes place in a huge open world, adding a sense of scope to the experience. Skarin must do things on his own to assembly his armies, from rescue missions to taking over key strategic areas. Once he’s put together an army, however, it’s time to lead an all-out assault on enemy encampments. These battle scenes are among the most exciting elements of Viking: Battle For Asgard.

This video review features video gameplay footage of Viking: Battle For Asgard for the Xbox 360 and audio commentary from Classic Game Room’s Derek.


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50 thoughts on “CGR Undertow – VIKING: BATTLE FOR ASGARD review for Xbox 360

  1. I actually remember playing Viking: Battle for Asgard on my 60GB PS3 years ago and man, this has gotta be one of the most boring and repetitive games I've ever made the mistake of playing.

  2. Bought this game years ago on ps3 on a whim for $8. Like everyone else is saying, there's no way to really explain it as a "good game" to people these days. It just is.

  3. My ex got it for me and we been part 3 years now and she's it's a while here. Omg the frame rate sucks. Story is ughhhh and I want to battle epic big baltles

  4. Viking, Dragon's Dogma, Dark Souls 1, Kingdoms of Amalur, Diablo 3, are the reasons alone i felt content swapping my ps4 in.. Only game i miss on ps4 is Eso lol ill get ps4 back at some point but would never think of handing these games in ever since cant buy them on psn store for w/e fucked up reason..

  5. It looks a bit strange when enemies just stand there and wait for you to come into their range although they have a shield and could charge at you (like that one dude did during the fight on the bridge which was shown in the review).

  6. One of Derek's best reviews. Wish more of his were like this, not all games are as awful as everyone else says they are. Half the time it's expectations that kill a game experience more than the game itself. And sometimes games are more than they appear especially the ones that do something different. Half of all games now are basicly cod clones and it's getting tiresome.

  7. If you grew up on the sega brawler era like I did then this game is amazing. If you are seeking the next "big RPG masterpiece!" This is not the game for you.

  8. I love Undertow. And I miss him dearly. His voice reminds me of a woman I thought was a lesbian that turned out to be straight and I dated her. 😀

  9. Got this game today and played 4 to 5 hours in a row. Despite all it's isues, it's unbelievably fun. The combat is a little shallow, yes, but it's also precise and… fun. The mission structure should be terrible on paper, but it works. Great game so far.

  10. I just got this game for free from the Sega Make War Not Love Promotion. Even though the Steam reviews are mixed I'm glad to hear it's a decent game. Definitely going to try this.

  11. i still wish they could make a LOTR version of this! so instead of winning the final battle the humans lost! and then its you going around freeing elves n dwarfs n men and taking back middle earth

  12. this game has LITERALLY nothing that I good in a game. yet SOMEHOW I have played this game longer and more times than any other game. I have logged around 400+ hours and God knows how many playthroughs of this game and. currently going through another one

  13. I downloaded this game about a year ago and then suddenly stopped playing it. After going back to it just today, I started wondering why I stopped playing it in the first place. All though it may be repetitive, it's still fun as hell! I enjoy slicing and dicing my enemies into teeny tiny bits of body parts. >:3

  14. Anyone else hoping for a sequel???

    Afro Samurai is getting one but this I think needs one too.

    Maybe I'm just into this type of game

  15. Cool little review. I pretty much agree as I think this game was whack but ended up sticking around and beating it. Almost joined the 1000 GS club too lol

  16. i just got this on the steam sale for 80 thai bht which is about $1.50 i think…cheap go grab it! just loading up now. for that price if it entertains me for 10 minutes its worth it 🙂

  17. 0:14 – 0:18 as someone who likes this game, I must say that one scene sums up the entire 13-14 hours you will spend playing

  18. I found it fun at the time. It was one of the first ps3 games that came out. If i rated it if it came out during 2010, it would be a fail, but its not so its defo a pass from me.

  19. Great review, I totally agree with you, this game has nothing special and is repetitive, but somehow, is one of my favourite games, or at least those kinds of games that you suddenly want to play again after sometime. I think it s maybe because of it simplicity, no level skills, no rpg, no major quests, no weapon loot, no, you just begin and kill, one upgrade to your sword and that's it, there is combat, there is sneaking, and…yes the combat is simple, no hack and slash, is very simply and it works. The missions are simple, you free prisioners to add to your army, free territories and towers from enemy and that's all, simple but that s what we spect from a viking and medieval game,  That's my hidden gem, the 

  20.   I have this game and it's pretty underrated.  I bought it new when it came out but recently dusted it off and started another playthrough and I must say… it's quite a bit of fun lol.  There are stealth missions and massive epic-scaled battles.  The combats rewarding too.  8/10 IMO, I actually think it's more FUN to play than newer games that scored twice as good like The Last of Us for example.

      It's a lot like Dynasty Warriors.

  21. I remember I rented this game when Blockbuster was still around. I had a blast with it. Review is pretty spot on; the games should not be that fun with all the problems it has….yet it's still enjoyable.

  22. Killing a man is not enough for a Viking, the soul could easily re-enter the body, thus the arm and torso cutting.

  23. When will be the time when they create a good epic game with a savage character instead of only god of War i have played, conan, this and looking forward to play rise of the argonauts but it seems all of them are average games.

  24. Try Völgarr the Viking, its an awesome arcade style hack n slash game that is extremely hard, if youre looking for a challenge go for it

  25. Good review.

    Forgot to mention the nice, gravelly voice acting (that sometimes goes on forever) or the meh story, but the latter is understandable.

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