Buying an OLD $30 Monopoly Board and Turned It Into This!

Whats up guys today,


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31 thoughts on “Buying an OLD $30 Monopoly Board and Turned It Into This!

  1. Part of me wishes you had used graphics that looked like the original board; made it look so much classier. Good work though!

  2. You should make fun prohects like that and then sell em after and make a profit because that could go for at least 100 to 150

  3. Nooo why would you buy a sticker for the spots on the board.. that ruined the uniqueness of the board. You should of got a brush and paint and slowly repainted it yourself. It would have took longer but would of looked 1000x better. Now it just looks like a regular board.

  4. bro ain’t no way those are 24k gold 😂 if those was solid 24k gold they would be worth more than $1000 each

  5. Very much liked this and you do a good job. Put your on spin on it.
    What’s next?
    Stratego or Battle Ship?
    Great games

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