BIG WIN! EPIC Run! on Elvis Shake Rattle and Roll Slot Machine! So Many BONUSES

This Machine was HOT! I got so many Wheel Spins and random features for a BIG WIN! Enjoy!!!


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30 thoughts on “BIG WIN! EPIC Run! on Elvis Shake Rattle and Roll Slot Machine! So Many BONUSES

  1. So Elvis background music copyright protected, but Elvis slot machine music not copyright protected? Great run though. I love Elvis.

  2. I know this is an older video. But I was in Vegas a few weeks ago and did not see any Elvis slot machines. Are there still some?

  3. I played the same elvis machine in Arizona, I got the minor of $200 with a dollar bet. I ate sushi in flagstaff on that and ended up tipping my waiter $50 for good service.

  4. If your ever at chuckchansi in Coarsegold ca that’s the slot machine you’ll find me at. Pays extremely well the higher the bet the easier it is to get the bonuses

  5. I've been binge watching all your videos, you're awesome! Just a matter of time until you hit a massive progressive jackpot, goodluck Miss Slotlady.
    You already know this, but you're absolutely stunning. We all love you haha. Have an amazing weekend, Sarah.

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