Being Human: 1×10 – Josh fights another werewolf to the death

Being Human (2011–2014)

Season 1 Episode 10

Dog Eat Dog (21 Mar. 2011)

The vampire elders arrive; Josh is kidnapped; Aidan has to sacrifice to save his friend.

Being Human 1×10 Dog Eat Dog (Clip/Scene)
Being Human S1 E10 Dog Eat Dog (Clip/Scene)
Being Human Season 1 Episode 10 Dog Eat Dog (Clip/Scene)

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30 thoughts on “Being Human: 1×10 – Josh fights another werewolf to the death

  1. 3:07 curse of the were-wolf more like curse of the were-rat Hahaha 😀😁😂😂😁😁😂😁

  2. That huge ratcoon with a rats tail and a possums mix that looks nothing like a wolf its looks like the she devil ewww but i do like the effects cool fight and josh is small compare to the only one ;-;

  3. I know everybody is entitled to their own opinions, I personally hate when they decide to go with this……. Concept . I know i will probably get shit for saying this , but I like the Werewolf( and Vampire) from the movie Van Helsing , look i know the story wasn't the best and the CGI wasent the greatest( it was thw early 2000s), i just like that concept, stands and walks on 2 feet, runs on all fours, 7ft+ hulking monster, not whatever the fuck this thing is. The same thing can be said about vampires, they are making them too pretty to be scary. Im just saying if i saw a hot vampire chick that glitters in sunlight , i wouldent have any problems with her sucking on me . The point im trying to make is that these are OG monsters show them some respect and make them big, scary and powerful. This thing just need to be put out of its misery.

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