Aviva – Princesses Don't Cry (Lyrics)

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Aviva – Princesses Don’t Cry (Lyrics)
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42 thoughts on “Aviva – Princesses Don't Cry (Lyrics)

  1. Me: crying for chubby, for being smaller than other girls, because I feel that nobody loves me.
    but God whispers to me you are perfect and princesses don't cry

    also me : Princesses don't cry , I love God ❤

  2. girls so pretty and poised , and soft to the touch but god made me rough …..
    girls so heavy the crown they carry it tall but it is weighing me down
    love these lines cause i can relate

  3. Creo que estás confundida porque esa canción no es de Aviva del rok por que Ya investige y no es su canción

    For those who speak English I have already investigated and that song is not from Aviva del rock as it is nice lyrcs or as it is written

  4. Whenever I listen to this song it gives me more confidence 💖

    Even after all of the shit, I'm resilient 😝

  5. this isn't even AViVA's song. this belongs to Carys. im so sick of people mixing them up oh my god-

  6. AViVA in the cover photo, that is Aviva Anastasia Payne. Aviva Mongillo, CARYS, is the person who sings this song.

  7. All the girls are beautiful

    All the girls are strong
    All the girls are princesses
    So a princess don't cry outside
    But she cry inside


  8. This song have so many meanings about me

    First:Don't cry,be brave
    Second:Be strong
    Third:don't lost hope
    And that's all!

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