AVerMedia Game Broadcaster HD Capture Test (1080p Full HD)

AVerMedia Game Broadcaster HD Capture Test 1080p Full HD

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Welcome guys to a short clip showing you guys the amazing quality produced by the ‘AVerMedia Game Broadcaster HD’ in Full HD of 1080p. [WATCH in 1080p]

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22 thoughts on “AVerMedia Game Broadcaster HD Capture Test (1080p Full HD)

  1. can i plug my VGA from my xbox into it and plug the HDMI from the card into the monitor? I have such an old xbox i dont have hdmi!

  2. not bad but the 1080p render time for a 720p max resolution-rendered game (console version) isn't worth the hassle imo, cool product though

  3. so stupid how everyone one of your videos get hate now… your content is still great, giveaway the mouse?? – EnerGy

  4. I have the card PCi express AverTvCapture HD (avermédia compagny) and i capture 720p at 60 fps and 1080p at 30 fps you are on xbox360 or ps3.
    FRENCH soory for my English ^^

  5. Hey Cazual UK you replied to my comment last video about my bro just to be sure are you there? and will you reply to his inbox if he inboxes you! #1 fan of yours he is!

  6. People stop hatin' you 'tards, there's millions of other people who do tests and it's a good test so piss off. If you knew what it was going to be (and saw the time limit) you shouldn't have clicked on the video, end of.

  7. Which one would you recommend? Still the HD PVR or this one, I like this one because it delivers 1080p and it's not mainstream HD PVR :p

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