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Autocross Racing is a top-down retro-style racing game similar to classic Amiga games like Slicks, Nitro, Super Cars and Super Skidmarks etc.

The aim of the game is to unlock each successive track by finishing in the top 3 places of the previous race. You will be able to race for the championship trophy on the last track when the previous 9 tracks have been unlocked.

Cash is earned as each race is completed and new cars will become available for purchase as each new track is unlocked. Each successive car having superior performance than the previous. In order to stand a fighting chance against the increasing levels of difficulty of the AI cars and tracks, you will need to upgrade your car at regular intervals.

AutoCross Racing is now available on PC CD-ROM and as a Digital Download from


Game Design – Kevin Murphy

Programming – Kevin Murphy

Graphics – Kevin Murphy

Sound Effects – Kevin Murphy

Music – Dejan Subotin (Dafunk)

Cover Artwork – Mat Recardo (

Playtesting – Kevin Murphy with the kind help and feedback of various users from the forums of GameDev.Net +

Additional Car Graphics – SuperMotoXL Designs


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4 Replies to “AutoCross Racing Promo Video (Psytronik Software)”

  1. Looks like a pretty cool game. Probably not the best name though, had me thinking of the SCCA type of autocross.

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