Ariel: The Little Mermaid (Genesis) Playthrough – NintendoComplete

A playthrough of Sega’s 1992 game for the Sega Genesis, Ariel: The Little Mermaid.

Played through with Ariel on hard mode.

Ariel has her moments, but the entire time, you can just hear her asking herself, “What did I do to be put here? Can’t I go back to my Capcom game?” You play as Ariel or King Triton, looking for those gross little green poo-eyeball things from the movies and shooting them with song to return them to their original mermaid forms, all while looking for treasures and getting lost in big mazes.

I personally much preferred her (far simpler, more straightforward) adventures on the NES, but Blue Sky Software has done far worse to other cartoon characters, so I suppose the Genesis Little Mermaid game all comes down to taste. Do you like maze games? If so, have fun!
No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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22 thoughts on “Ariel: The Little Mermaid (Genesis) Playthrough – NintendoComplete

  1. Me acuerdo cuando era niño, me costó mucho llegar al final y perdí contra la pulpa esa, era inmortal jajajaj

  2. Fun fact: I knew the music style was so familiar and it’s the same ones who did Action 52 sega version

  3. Looks like an Ecco the Dolphin ripoff. Surprising considering this is the same team that made Vectorman.

  4. Man, this version is wayyyyy better then that crappy Capcom's version. Genesis really made great games. Sega was always ahead of it's time. Now Sony Playstation is the most successful and dominant video game console.

  5. NES version better game this is such a crap when played that days when was relese and also now better play NES good game version

  6. It's best to stick with the NES and Game Boy versions than this and the Master System/Game Gear versions because the SEGA version is bad, but the Capcom version is far better.

  7. One of my favorites. Grew up with family friends who were female and at their house as kids we would play this. I got so good that I feel like I can speed run it if the controls weren't a bit clunky at times.

  8. The nes game was way better, played this for 5 minutes, got all the merman from level 1 and said there's better things to do then play this.

  9. Have you played the Sega Master System version? That one is actually worse. It's pretty much the same as the Sega Genesis version, with clunkier controls and an ear-bleeding soundtrack thrown in as a bonus.

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