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“Apartment 666” is another looping hallway game. Also, features a game-breaking bug towards the end! Was a really “fun” experience overall, really “enjoyed” it. Thanks for watching!


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28 thoughts on “Apartment 666 – BREAKFAST? TOAST? CORN FLAKES?!

  1. 24:06 there's a newspaper on the wall and he's looking right at it. Idk if that's what's needed but he didn't read it at all as far as I could tell.

  2. apartment 666, huh? 666? i guess 1408, 1313, and 404 were all taken. of course, they couldn't just go to a random number generator, of which there are a billion.
    little do they know that 4 is the scariest number ever.

  3. That is so weird! That's exactly what my inner voice sounds like! A drunk sounding 14 year old who sucks at acting!

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