AMD RX 570 Review – Sapphire Nitro+ Edition

Fancy a new graphics card that doesn’t break the bank? Join PC Centric for the full Sapphire Nitro+ RX 570 review and benchmarks…

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46 thoughts on “AMD RX 570 Review – Sapphire Nitro+ Edition

  1. Thank you

    Can I ask you about consistency and better for the next board

    I have a kind of motherboard Z97 gaming 7

    And it has a kind of screen card

    Asus 660 ti 2GB

    Can I update the graphics card to a GB and fit it on the motherboard?

    And what kind of screen card you recommend

    And the current graphics card price if I decide to sell it?

    thank you very much

  2. Which do u think better
    Rx 580 4gb by XFX
    Or rx 570 4gb by sapphire nitro
    For almost the same price

  3. I want to get this card….but I still play on 720p…… Does this mean I'll see higher fps during gameplay than what is shown in 1080p?

  4. I recently got a 570 8GB for CAD$160 and I love it! I really hate the reviews that say don't bother with the 8GB model – you have clearly never modded the crap out of Skyrim! Also, in a year or 2 when the 4Gb just isn't cutting it because the new games need 6, it'll be jerk-o-thon. At that price, there is no reason to not get the 8Gb.

  5. Bro Can u help me plz
    I have
    h61 chipset mother board
    I5 3rd gen
    4gb ram
    Win 10
    And this card
    Its running but when i install drivers it install at the end it asks to restart and after restart
    It shows error 43
    And amd driver shows that the amd drivers are not working properly
    Or instrall appropriete drivers for ur hardware
    Plz bro

  6. You can actually get a RX 570 4GB for $100 right now on Amazon! It’s not a crazy sale, the normal price is $120. Please, take advantage of this whilst you can!

  7. Still going for the 8gb version, because the 4Gb is €170 and the 8Gb version is only €20 more expensive

  8. How can I mount or add tow graphics card together? I have two Sapphire rx 570 nitro+ graphics card (8 GB ) So I want to add both them as 16 GB totally. How to do it brother? Please help me.

  9. Good review. I ended up purchasing the 8GB version (it was on sale for 165 Euros). Paired with an i5 4460 and 16GB DDR3 RAM, it runs really well with all the games I play and the videos I edit.

  10. Mine keeps crashing when i try to play any game. I installed and uninstalled the drivers a dozen times and it still doesnt work. I have a
    Ryzen 5 2400g
    Msi tomahawk b350 mother board
    8 gb corsair vengeance ram
    750 watt ps
    And that 570 8gb

  11. is it still worth buying today over gtx 1060 6gb? In terms of playing AAA games or BR games like COD Blackout? Cuz I have 2 GPU brands in my shopping list that I can't decide which one to buy. 1 of my choices is this Sapphire Nitro+ RX 570 8gb and the other one is the Galax GTX 1060 OC 6GB. Here in my country, the price of the two GPUs now are: RX 570 8gb – $195.16 and the GTX 1060 6gb – $258.47

  12. Good review but did you mention power consumption? Anyway Why oh WHY do you and every YTuber put music in your videos, Nobody goes to a review site with intentions of music, they go to music channels looking for music.

  13. My R9 480x 4gb is phase out in my country so this will be my next video card. it's for my future reference cause My card is still good I am applying thermal paste every 2 Months or depending on loads of my computer when im using it.

  14. i was lucky enough to buy the 8GB version of this card brand new for very cheap (£170 to be precise), really impressed with the card, regarding the noise, i cant hear nothing, its dead silent for me.

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